Day by day

Cor, Fred and Hans start their cross country trip in Monterey, CA, but will not leave after visting the Concorso Italiano Event, on August 19th. Hans and Cor arrive at the San Francisco airport on August 17th. They fly back to Holland from New York September 3rd. The days inbetween they will visit many interesting places, areas and events and doing so: drive Giulia back to the east coast. It's a 4,000 mile trip (aprox.) through several northern states and a part of Canada.

Only the route has been planned in advance. How many miles they cover each day depends on things they see, endless photo shoots, road conditions, weather conditions, getting lost, the time they need to get sober after beer tasting and so on. And the time it takes to update these pages...

They hope the updates can be done each day, so the folks back home get an idea of their adventures and whereabouts. It depends on time, availability of internet connection, batteries run flat or not and a lot of other things, so don't panic if nothing happens here for a while.

August 17th, Wednesday
August 18th, Thursday
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August 20th, Saturday
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