In short:
August 6th - 16th: Giulia is going west, with Fred and Beverley. See Fred's blog and the AlfaBB thread.
August 17th - Sept 3rd: Giulia is going East with three men. That's what this site is about.


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Well, there are three guys, one (Cor) somewhat matured, another (Hans) a bit less matured and a third one (Fred) always three days behind, who share a couple of passions. Among those passions there's the crush for Alfa Romeos from the 105 series. Both Dutch have just one, a Spider and a 2000 GTV, the younger American traditionally does it all bigger and better and has among other cars a 2000 GTV and two Giulias. And it is one of these Giulias that has to be driven from Monterey, CA to Long Island, NY. Like all classic Alfas Giulia has a character of its, sorry, HER own and does not like Interstates. And her three boy friends prefer to do some sightseeing and beertasting so Giulia's travel will be one in an easy pace, along scenic roads and all kinds of great sights that the US offer.

Giulia on Lombard Street by Jerry Quinlisk
Giulia on Lombard Street, San Francisco.
This artwork was made by Jerry Quinlisk who was reading about our adventures on AlfaBB.
Thanks a lot Jerry, we all love it.

Planning has started, itenaries are being set up. It will all start half way August 2011. Keep an eye on this site to witness the travels of Three men and a Giulia.

Where are they now? Google Latitude

Where are they now?  Check out the map for a real-time view of their location.

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Before they can drive Giulia to the east coast, she has to get to the westcoast. Fred and his partner Beverley started August 6th, following Lincoln Highway. Updates on this trip can be found via the links at the top of this page or see the summary on Fred's pages.

Giulia likes traditional food...


Hans vroeg me op een zaterdag om te helpen de Sud van Fred aan de praat te krijgen. Na enig persoonlijk duw en 155 trekwerk, gaven we de pijp aan onze garagist Bernard Homan, de koppeling zat vast... Poor little Sud zou de volgende maandag opgepikt worden door Bernard.

Ik weet niet meer hoe we er opkwamen, maar Hans vertelde dat hij een coast tot coast trip ging doen met Fred Frey.

Thuis vertelde ik het Corry, die vroeg me of ik ook niet wilde. Nou ja, ik wilde niet een derde rad aan de wagen zijn natuurlijk. 's Avonds kwam Hans bij ons eten en ik bracht de trip ter sprake. Nu zijn we wel vaker samen op pad geweest natuurlijk, wat hem betrof geen enkel probleem.

Fred moest natuurlijk het groene licht geven. Dat kwam zeer snel, 's avonds een mailtje met mijn voorstel over de oceaan verzonden en het antwoord was kort maar krachtig:

'If you're serious, YES! in 35 punts letters zeg maar, die boodschap was loud and clear :-)

Kortom, het vliegtuig kon worden geboekt!!