Christmas 2020

Sophie & Tim, Matthew & Hannah with Georgia - and Andrew, too - have seen doors open this year; Andrew continues to add to his savings and is enjoying a little more horticulture here at Millside. A house warming glamping weekend - when restrictions allowed - included a catering tent and even a luxury, pocket-sprung mattress.

It's been good to be able to visit heritage properties; Humph & Allison now have joint senior life membership. It seems many folk and charitable organisations need so much more help and support this year. There's more good news, too: five years on from The Well's birth in Sheffield, the church is now looking to buy the hall next door and extend their work in the community. Growth and new opportunities abound.

Our greetings to you at Christmas; a year to remember or a year to forget‽ While we've all been keeping ourselves to ourselves, there's much good news and more to celebrate.

In times when so many rely more on social media and a vibrant internet presence, t'was good of the bishops to write and express gratitude for the ecumenical work in these parts. With the welcome advent of vaccines, perhaps the logo for the Facebook page will exchange its face mask for a vaccine card in the coming months; it will, of course, be an ecumenical matter. This year's Christmas listing includes a couple of Drive-in and open air carol services, shamelessly plugged on BBC local radio; good to see innovation and folk extending their welcomes.

With our best wishes for Christmas and the blessings coming with the New Year