Strength and Dignity: A Sahaja Yoga Experience

 I am not very good at opening up and letting people know about my true feelings in     iregard to spirituality but I feel compelled  to convey to you the incredibly profound beauty and joy that I have personally experienced through the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation,

Sure, If you are like me and consider yourself to be a relatively normal western person,   much of the information or "dis-information" on the internet can make you pretty weary  of even attempting to look into sahaja Yoga. I just wanted to encourage anyone who is    considering going to a Sahaja Yoga Meditation to go ahead and give it a try. I have personally experienced profound peace and bliss and I wish the same for you.

Through this meditation I have grown in innumerable ways.
This has been mentioned to me on many occasions by friends and family.

* I used to have asthma - Now I do not.
* I used to get extremely stressed about my career  - Now I am much     
   stronger and have a more balanced approach to life.

* I used to rely on others to "validate" my worthiness. -Now I have a strong inner
    sense of my own self worth, independent of what others may think (well mostly!)

Trust yourself!
Best of luck on your journey,

- A friend