The Threefold Declaration

On July 4th, 2012, in the Assembly Room inside Independence Hall, during the Occupy National Gathering, I spoke a Declaration of Interdependence, signed the Threefold Declaration, and flew a Brotherhood Economy flag of America. This action is described at Occupied Stories. This is approximately what I voiced:
“In the name of the United States–the American People–we declare our independence from Corporations, and our Interdependence with one another as human beings. This is a flag for an Interdependent Economy of America–for an Occupied Economy achieved through the Separation of Business and State.”
I only had a moment to speak before the police would nab me, but I had in mind the various Declarations that I'd seen or heard at the ONG: the big canvas Declaration of Interdependence that people were signing at the campsite, the yellow paper Declaration of Interdependence that people were typing on, Derrick Jensen's "A New Declaration", and a pamphlet from a group at ONG about ending the Corporate State through a constitutional amendment. Someone also mentioned the 99% Declaration, though I didn't have access to that. With help from a couple other Occupiers I'd met at a workshop (by Lisa Fithian), and some imput from a fellow at the constitutional amendment group, we crafted a draft statement on July 3rd:
An Occupy Declaration of Interdependence

We the people of the United States reject corporate rule and assert our economic interdependence with one another. 
We move to amend our constitution to firmly establish the separation of business and state.
We stand for the transformation of our corporocratic, oligarchic economy into a humane, living economy whose primary purpose is to fulfill real human needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter.
We support those businesses and economic associations who accept what is socially just.
We value an economic system which is occupied with the human qualities of brotherhood/sisterhood, mutual aid, solidarity, co-operation, and altruism.
We are dedicated to a dignified future where human rights and human individuality are not for sale. Given the pervasiveness of the Corporate State, this constitutional change could be described as regime change in America.
My brief spoken words came out of that.
As far as the written text, the only hardcopy I had with me on the morning of the 4th was the printed Threefold Declaration that I'd brought to ONG. I'd written this with my friend Peter, with feedback from my Occupy home group. I needed something to sign, and this is what I had. Before I got to the Assembly Room, I marked out some of the wording and replaced it with Occupy-language. For example I changed "Threefold States" to "Threefold Occupation". While I felt it was right for me to refer to Occupy in some way, I didn't want to imply that I spoke on behalf of the Occupy Movement. I also wrote next to my signature, something from Thomas Paine that the guide had said during the tour "We have it in our power to begin the world over again."
The Threefold Declaration of Cultural Self-Reliance,
Political Supersession, and Economic Interdependence


The unanimous Declaration of the ultra-American human beings who are willing to bring the United States to completion, and to begin to embody the THREEFOLD STATES in this HOMELAND OF THE FREE.

We see that our societal distress is threefold: Economic, Political, and Cultural. Healing has to come about in all three. We are each sovereign human Individuals, united in this Threefold Idea.

This is why we wash our hands of the Uniform States and begin the Threefold Republic:

The twin evils of economic Corporatism and political Militarism have almost entirely possessed America. The one Man who had the capacity to stand up to these Powers, Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot. It is clear from the current Presidency, that no person at the Head of the American Nation has the conceptions or willingness to stand up to the Militarized Corporatist apparatus. And so a whole generation’s hopes and striving to initiate civilizational renewal through proper electoral avenues has come to naught.

The vision which has been enacted by the American Establishment over the past century is no longer worthy of humanity. America’s leadership is now entranced by a singularly anti-human vision of a plutocratic, spectacular, remorseless American Empire addicted to perpetual war.

The American People have become a giant economic belly without a heart for human rights, and without a mind for free culture. America has lost the middle color, leaving only the predictable polarization of a Red-Blooded America who worships Big Business and Big Military, versus a Blue State America who worships Big Government and its Social Programming.

We see no dignified future for America and humanity unless the conventional American Way of Life is vigorously transformed into an ultra-American Humane Way of Life:  a Culture of the People, a Polity by the People, and an Economy for the People.

So we begin here to enact REGIME CHANGE IN AMERICA, with the aim of laying the Goliath of the Uniform Empire to rest, using any and all non-violent means, including superseding the U.S. Government through a parallel Tri-Sector Governance, so that the Spirit of a True, Beautiful, and Good America, LADY COLUMBIA, may touch ground.

Will you join us?

The Threefold Republican way of life, is open, we believe, to all of Humanity.
Travis Henry,
Jun 28, 2012, 9:14 AM