Humanity United in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Threefolding the United Nations Organization:

"Diversified relations are therewith established between peoples, states and economic bodies which ally all the parts of mankind so that each, in its own interest, is sensitive to the life of the others. A league of nations arises from impulses corresponding to reality.

* * *
Maps showing the transformation of all human communitiesall 204 National Statesinto Threefold Social Organisms:
(Some of the names on these maps haven't been updated yet to reflect the most recent edition of Threefold Now)

"The thoughts which underlie these goals are based on reality; they are to be pursued in all human communities."
* * *
The final goalthe removal of borders:
  • Humanity's Economic Organism:
  • Humanity's Rights Organism:

  • Humanity's Cultural Organism:

"The internal structure of a healthy social organism makes its international relations also threefold. Each of its three branches will have its own independent relation to the corresponding branch of other threefold organisms. All manner of interconnections will spring up between the economic network of one district and that of another, without being directly influenced by the connections between their Rights-States. And, conversely, the relations between their Rights-States will, within certain limits, develop in complete independence of their economic connections. This independence of origin will enable these two sets of relations to act as a check upon each other in cases of dispute. Such a close interweaving of interests will grow up, as will make territorial frontiers seem negligible in the life of mankind."

* * *
The goal is to achieve this by the bicentennial of the beginning of the First World War—the year 2104. Some of the newborns of today will still be alive to see the maturation of humanity.

"I believe that the world may very soon be ready for such things. I would, therefore, never tire of repeating over and over again that which I believe would hasten the advancement of humanity to maturity