Joining the (R)evolution

Threefold Now: Humanity's Movement for the Tri-Sector (R)evolution
Any human being can become a member and co-pioneer of Threefold Now. The only requirement for membership is that the individual privately hold some interest in the transformation of a national state into a tri-sector societal organism—so that instead of a national government, it will have three sovereign sectors for economic, political, and cultural affairs—within our lifetime.
There are no fees or dues. There are no sworn oaths, pledges, promises, outer commitments, or people to please in order to be a member. Humanity's left and right are equally welcome. An individual doesn't have to be willing—only interested. Any human being who perceives some value in the Threefold Idea is a participant in the (r)evolution.
Why "(r)evolution"? Because this is not a revolution in the old sense of "men with guns"; nor are we re-turning to old ways. This is a peaceful, but vigorous societal evolution for a fresh, humane way of life.
But it is a revolution in the sense that we are about regime change. Some of us are willing to use any non-violent means to replace all 206 nation-states with tri-sector organisms, including the most drastic—the formation of parallel tri-sector governances in open competition with the national governments.
We are only beginning. At the time of this writing (Summer 2012), we have one fledgling Threefold Now group, in Columbia County, upstate New York. It's called Threefold Columbia.
Anyone who considers themself a member of Threefold Now (a "Threefolder") is welcome to pioneer a local group wherever they liveeven if the group only has two members: you and the Threefold Idea.
Though no one needs our permission to begin, we'd be glad to hear from you.
The Blue Inverted Triangle.