Gifting / Patreon

Money gifted to Threefold Now is used for getting sample copies of the Threefold Now books to national and world leaders, and for other actions toward uniting humanity's world in truth, beauty, and goodness, in our century.

There are several ways to materially contribute:

Via my Patreon page. This is a way to automatically contribute each month.
For a one-time card payment or bank transfer, click on the button:

To send a cash, check, or money order:
Travis Henry
30 Old Wagon Road
Ghent, N.Y. 12075

Even a dollar, penny, or gift-in-kind makes a relationship. Thanks for any contribution. (Thanks to the person who sent a yellow weskit!)

If one doesn't feel it's time to contribute materially, then we ask that you consider praying (asking/wishing/thinking) that the enemies of the Threefold Idea have all the things (such as a dignified future) that we desire for ourselves as humanity. Even just wishing for this once is a help.