Cloth Flags

Presently, there are two flags available:
1) The LiLiPoH (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness) flag. The Threefold Way in America.
2) The Living Economy flag. The Economic Republic in America.
The LiLiPoH flag can be ordered as printed fabric at Spoonflower (click here to go to the ordering page). The fabric has a similar weight as a bedsheet. Two of the edges of the design will need to be cut out with scissors.
The cloth is at the minimum list price. The designer's fee, which is required by the printer, goes towards Threefold Now's further work.
NOTE: For a two-sided flag, order 4 yards, and make sure the "Mirror Repeat" layout button is clicked. The two-sided flag needs to be sewn together.

If you only want a one-sided flag (the fabric is white on the back), order 2 yards. The design is also available as a decal, wrapping paper, and wallpaper (!). The threefold flags are humble enough to serve any use which humanity needs or wants. Also, all my threefold flag designs are Public Domain, and so anyone is free to make their own flags however they wish.

A Threefold Rebellion, Platform, Movement, and Hope

This is offered as the Movement’s flag, not as an Administrative flag. Once the three independent Administrations (of the Economic Republic, the Rights Republic, and the Cultural Republic) are in place, they would each have their own distinct administrative flag (pictured here).

The Living Economy of America:

The flag offered for an Economic Republic in a Threefold America is available here—the design with the red canton and blue stripes. This flag would be flown by all the businesses, labor unions, financial institutions, consumer federations, chambers of commerce, industry trade associations, worker-owned cooperatives, and other economic bodies (corporations) in the country, following the constitutional Separation of Business and State. Instead of a Corporate State, we would have two sovereign sectors.
There are 56 stars, representing the 50 economies of the U.S. states and the 6 economies of the U.S. territories.

This was the flag we flew inside Independence Hall on July 4th, 2012 (link to story):
We hope to make the other two Threefold America flags (governance and culture) available before long. Also, the offered trisected flag designs for other countries could be made available as interest arises.