Threefold Now: Movement for the Differentiation of Economy, State, and Culture

Threefold Now book series available:

Book one: The Idea—Trudging the way from a national-security state to the birth of a Second America.

Book two: World Wide Trisecting—Traversing from the nation-state system to a world united in truth, beauty, and goodness.

Book three: Solving Burning Conflicts—Through the separation of culture and state.

Book four: Names and Flags—Saving and renewing each and every human community through the separation and co-ordination of business, state, and culture.

Book Five: Nations and States—Picturing a healing separation between cultural nationality and political citizenship in our century.

Their table of contents can be viewed here, along with links to free PDFs of the books.

Endgame flags for three sovereign and separate sectoral administrations. An Evolution/Revolution for a Second America, grounded in the reality of three sovereign republicsan Economic Republic, a Rights Republic, and a Cultural Republic.

“Tell them about the dream, Martin!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        —Mahalia Jackson's call from the audience which evoked MLK's extemporaneous "I have a dream."

 * * *
Welcome to the practical vision of a dignified future. At this website, we offer pictures of a future that is worthy of our true humanity.

The Problem: Nearly all societal distress in America and the rest of humanity's world is caused by the entanglement of Business, Politics, and Culture.

The Solution: Instead of our country having a uniform Government which wields Economic and Cultural-Educational powers, we will form three sovereign sectors for Economic, Political, and Cultural affairs. This is the Threefold Idea.

* * *
An introduction to our offerings:

We recommend first reading the
Overview of the Threefold Idea and the Threefold Declaration.

3n.: The Illustrations is the main page. This is where we display our depictions of a livable future. A slideshow of Chapter One:


The Country-by-Country index has the same contents as the Illustrations page, but organized by nation.

The Details page lists the features of a Threefold Society, as described in the political-scientific texts.

The World Regions page displays mostly the same content, but grouped by continent or region. This includes depictions of how the Threefold Idea wishes to unfold in South Americain the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Other Words is where we display our writings. We share our motivations and hope to convey the seriousness of the situation.

Basic Texts includes links to the political-scientific texts by other authors which underlay our work.

There are cloth flags for a Threefold America available. There's the option of practically supporting our work, such as our autarchic actions.

You're welcome to join the (r)evolution. Feel free to contact us with feedback, questions, comments, and proposals for (r)evolutionary collaboration.

Ecce Homo

In the heart the weaving governance,
In the head the produce of the economy,
In the limbs the nourishment of culture.
Weaving of production,
Nourishment of the weaving, 
Produce of the nourishment: 
Lo! This is Humanity.

The Blue Flower in the Golden Heart of the Rose of the World: a symbol of total victory over Corporatocratic Militarism.

The ink painting is by Chris Wetmore.
Travis Henry,
Sep 9, 2012, 6:11 PM