Thousandstar foundation

Promoting Sustainability.


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About the Thousandstar Foundation

The Thousandstar Foundation will be established by Christian Milaster in 2008 or early 2009.


Initially the Foundation will receive its funding primarily from two of Mr. Milaster's other ventures: The Because Group and Ingenium Excellentia.


The Foundation will be guided by the belief that raising the awareness about sustainability issues will improve the quality of life for all.


The programs of the Thousandstar Foundation will be designed to provide funds to organizations and individuals around the world whose programs and work promotes sustainability.


Sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word, covers a lot of areas. Interestingly the German word for "sustainabilty" is "zukunftsfähig" which means "capable for the future". Here are some of the areas of sustainability that the Thousandstar Foundation will concern itself with:

  • Sustainable Energy Use
    (e.g., renewable energies, such as wind, solar and biomass, but also energy-conservation strategies).
  • Sustainable Eating
    (e.g., local produce, organic farming, etc.)
  • Sustainable Use of any Resource
    (e.g., water, timber)
  • Sustainable Interpersonal Relationships
    (e.g., improvement in communication),
  • Sustainable Communities
    (e.g., promoting diversity and respect)
  • etc.


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