Idea Launched

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Thanks for coming to my experiment page.
It's been a hobby of mine for several years to help people by giving them advice that might help them decide what they want to do next in their life, kind of like a Dear Abby for practical advice. I talk on the phone, in person, via IM, and email to people around the world who want some additional guidance, whether it be for their career or personal life.
As I was leaving Costa Rica after completing my final credits for my JD/MBA, literally, the day I was leaving, I decided to launch this page.
So, what I've decided is that I'm going to offer advice and an ear to listen to free for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. I will share as much information as possible.
People will have several different options for showing their gratitude, if they feel so inclined. I'm thinking:
  1. Share this with others. Send people my way if you think they might want to talk to me.
  2. Contribute to the shared information by creating documents of what they've learned so I can post it on this site.
  3. Help me with ideas to make this idea sharing even better.
  4. If they want to help me continue offering this advice, and maybe even contributing with something more, investing in this vision with their own money (need to figure out the implications of making this a "business" where I don't really intend to make any money from it).
  5. Help me figure out if advertising belongs on this page.
I'm a top 3, 5, or 10 sorta girl. So these are the ideas I have now. I'd appreciate any thoughts you can give me as I proceed in this journey.

Clearly, this is a work in progress, so excuse me if anything on the site doesn't make sense to you yet. Definitely let me know.


Documents created by myself and contributors that they think will be helpful to others. I'd like to get this organized in the future.


So people can see what I'm doing, in case they want to do it too, and also schedule time to talk.


List of people who also want to help others. Right now, I'm thinking to preserve everyone's email addresses from getting spammed, people will have to go through the contact form. 


So people could ask questions that anyone could answer.


I'm thinking this section will be my thoughts in general.


Other resources that may be on other sites.


If anyone wants to connect with me directly.