Release Predictions

This page would give the latest software release predictions. Please note that many factors contributes to software releases and these predictions may not be accurate. Do note that these are rough predictions ONLY.

Note: We would be skipping PasswordStore 0.2.5 version and moving straight to 0.3 version as it has been decided that 0.3 contains interesting and critical features users might want to use and expect in a Password Storage manager like PasswordStore.

The migration of PasswordStore 0.1 database (H2 database version 1.1.119 - old H2 type) to 0.2 database (H2 database version 1.2.X - Page Store type) has been delayed because the database provider, H2, sees it as not really a priority to service such request and the migration tool they released are bulky and not light enough to integrate into PasswordStore or release as a standalone conversion tool for of the database. It is an uphill battle to try and look through the H2 source code and figure out on our own how to write a conversion tool.
  • PasswordStore - v0.3
    1. Lock down window when application is unattended.
    2. Export database to plain text CSV or SQL (SQL includes database and table creation mech).
    3. A GUI for adjusting settings, backing up, restoration, password updates, termination of account, look and feel choosing, decryption of backup files...etc.
    4. Decryption of backup files in case users want to know the plain text contents in their backup files.
  • PasswordStore - v0.4
    1. 'Lift off' feature. Imparts portability to PasswordStore where the entire application with it's data could be moved around.
  • Project SECFILE (BMICS)
  1. Produce Java API for BMICS file format. Goal for 2011.