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New features and points of interest about Wolf Steel 

10/17/07:  Recently, I posted a flash fiction piece on NBNS called "Cleanup Crew".  The other night, I dusted it off and decided to re-edit it with a larger word count for a site called "Tales of the Zombie War".  The story, still short, is still twice as long as it used to be.  I'm pleased to announce that it is now featured at the above-mentioned site.  If you'd like to check it out, go HERE

10/6/07:  Well, let's see.  All sorts of things have been brewing for me of late.  Went to Mountain Con, a local F/SF con, and had a great time.  Met lots of great people, got inspired.  I built a brand-new website at http://pmtracy.com, which will be my "pro" website.  Don't worry, because Wolf Steel is far from dead.  It still hosts more than a few of my integral pages, and I want to be sure that all those people I forced to take my business card will still find stuff where I asked them to go.  I also re-jiggered all my blogs, to match the layout of my new website.  I've been writing my little heart out, in between web work and the paying gig at the library.  Living life to the fullest, I suppose.  I just submitted three pieces a few nights ago, so maybe I'll have more publishing news coming soon. 

9/13/07:  My poem Ephemeral Empires will be published in the November issue of Pens On Fire, an online magazine for poetry and short fiction.  It's free, so come over and take a look, if you get a chance (no, my stuff isn't up there yet, but you can look now if you want)! 

9/1/07:  My short story, The Damaged Drums of Our Souls came out in the newest The Open Vein online horror 'zine.  Click here to check out the site and download the 'zine.

8/30/07:  I've just posted a new writing article titled "Emotion and Intent".  It's the penultimate article in the series, and can be found at Wolf Hawkwind, or by clicking the "Articles" link. 

 8/29/07:  Yet more news!  The first part of my story Three Holy Evils is now up in the "Writing" section of the website.  Check it out! 

8/29/07:  My "Writing" area's been fully overhauled!  Though it may not look like it, everything behind those familiar-looking links has been changed.  Instead of squinting at web pages, you'll be able to read in more comfortable Adobe Acrobat documents for all the stories now.  Also, check out the new addition, the first three chapters of my new novella, Dayhunter.  Cheers!

8/21/07: My story, With a Dancer's Grace is going to be published in The First Line, a quarterly literary journal.  I'm really proud of this story, so I hope you'll check it out.  Copies of the journal are only a couple bucks, so support small presses and order one!

7/1/07:  The first issue of The Open Vein, an online horror 'zine, just came out.  It features my story, Among the Remnants.  I hope you'll go and check it out.  Here's a link to their website: The Open Vein.


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