Destinations of Distinction

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Cool People:

Paul Genesse

Kelly Swails 


Rachel Barth

Ungarded Utterance 

  Bill Coupe


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New Website:

--This is my new professional website for the purpose of promoting my writing career.  Please check it out if you get a chance! 

Wolf Steel 

--You're already here!  If you've popped in from one of my blogs, please just click the Wolf Steel link to go to this website's main page.  There, you'll find links to my biographical sketch, my stories, and other info about yours truly, Patrick M. Tracy! 

Hawk Circle

--This is my poetry blog, featuring a new original poem every week (roughly).  It's my longest-running web enterprise, so you'll have plenty to read if you come over.  All poetry, no fluff at Hawkcircle.   My current project is a cycle of Haibun poetry called The Settled Dust.

Wolf Hawkwind 

--This is my online writing journal.  I use Wolf Hawkwind for thoughts of the day, writing news, and how-to articles about the art of the written word.  My current articles are collected here.

 --I run a page over on, featuring random thoughts, news of the day, and other non-essential information.  Things like movie rants n' raves, stuff about music, and maybe some stuff about computers will also be featured from time to time.  Ah, to be such a dork! 

Nasty, Brutish, and Short 

--New Feature!  I've opened up a Flash Fiction site on WordPress.  It will feature bi-weekly installments of original short-short fiction of about 500 words.  The subject matter will be horror and dark fantasy/sci-fi.  Please stop by and take a look.