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New pages 28.10:

photos of Molley

Work and upgrades at Jigsaw Racing




A GT6 called Molley!


A new GT6 has been found,

not a mk2 as I wanted, but a 1972 Mk3 in Racing Green.

The contract has been signed, and the car will be delivered to

it's temporary UK home in a couple of weeks.

It's staying in the UK over the winter in warm dry storage at Jigsaw Racing Services. , the home of maybe the most famous Spitfire, the LeMans car ADU1B.

It'll be in good hands, and will be shipped over here some time after Christmas, with any small faults being rectified and improvements made over the winter.


Suffice to say I'm now a very happy man after all the summer plans coming to fruition!








Update September 2007:

The Lotus is sold, and was driven by it's new owner across the

Mountains to Bergen without a single problem.


A new purchase is probably materializing next week, as I'm finally buying a Triumph GT6, after missing the one

I sold in 2003 for years! I have now missed 2 good ones on Ebay, but would prefer to buy somewhere else, as there are some very dishonest cars and buyers out there..

Will be on the lookout on the tssc website and  other good English websites.


The  GT6 will be stored at Jigsaw Racing Services over the winter, in the able hands of Mark Fields should any fettling be needed.  I'll then either ship it or pick it up in the spring.


I would prefer a mk2. But they are pretty thin on the ground, so alternatively a Mk3 such as this one (illustration only), preferably green..., second choice Pimento or dark blue. Hoping for a Mk2 !



 Update 08.06.2007:


No inspiration for three months, so finally an update..The Lotus is running great, as reliable as ever even with 29degrees daily in our current heat wave. I have some lovely evening drives.. 


News this month; the NEW daily driver, an amazing 2004 BMW 3series has come into the family, and she will be very well looked after.


This picture from the end of the test drive, parked next to the Golf,

where it had become very obvious to us that this was a superior car to the others we tried, including a Passat and a Volvo V50, in the same price band..

more pics: CLICK HERE

03.03.07: Maserati A6G

Images that cheer me up in the cold winter; a 1954 Maserati A6G, to me perhaps the most beautiful Italian GT of the mid 1950's.


14.01.2007: Lotus Elan vs.Cobras

An inspiring video of an Elan battling 2 Cobras and CATCHING them at the 2006 LeMans Classic...

Never underestimate an Elan..


17.12: What?! Another last drive?

The lovely warehouse was sold, and the Lotus had to move back to my apartment underground garage - carport. Thank god it's been the mildest November-December in years. It's been there for two weeks, and NOW it's starting to get really cold, yesterday -2 celsius, so time to move it to my mum's heated underground car park... with no possibilites of working on the car, excep airing it now and then weather permitting. Lovely drive (though a bit cold!) with the rear tyres spinning merrily at the drop of a hat,. :-)

Shame some f-ing idiot reversed into our Golf on the way there, which was driven by my wife as a support vehicle... bastard.


Never mind, I'm happy the Lotus is wrapped up warm for Christmas, and we're flying to Italy for the holidays on Friday..:-)

27.10: The last drive of 2006 in the Lotus

Yes, it is over for this season. I gave the Elan a quick clean and dusting and warmed her up carefully. No hesitation in starting, despite standing idle for a week and the rather nippy 6 degree outside temperature.

Had the last drive in towards Oslo, with my wife following in the Golf.  The Lotus was performing faultlessly on the motorway, and I was taking great pleasure in overtaking japanese hot hatches and the like with the heater on and my favourite Dent's driving gloves. Drove through Oslo after lunch up to my destination, a nice resting place for the Lotus over the long winter.  I'ver been very lucky to get a space in my mate Knut's warehouse next to his Spitfire and Swallow Doretti, with lots of space and tools. The Lotus seemed happy there in such good company, and now the dust cover is on..

I will spend the winter doing a few little improvements, but the car has performed faultlessly all season, the only thing going wrong being the coil, and that was in May. I got by an entire season with the engine using about a thimble full of oil, and no water. What a lovely car, and by far the best classic I've owned.


10.09: WE were MARRIED on the 26.08 and are now back from the honeymoon!

I will make a proper posting here about our fairytale wedding in Milano, if I can find enough superlatives in my vocabulary. Now four weeks later I'm still basking in the glow of being newly wed, with a very visible white gold Bulgari ring to remind me.

No Lotus, as it was too far to drive it to Italy, but we still had a beautiful classic on the day... see below.


(Click pictures for full size)

08.07: Enjoying the summer

Now it's time to concentrate on enjoying the summer with the Lotus. All improvements have been done. The final jobs over the last 10days being the new Firestone 165/80 tyres, and a new stainless steel back box from Susan Miller.

Now the focus is on enjoying the summer with the car. My furtive imagination means that everytime I drive the car I feel like an upwardly mobile executive from the seventies, with a beautiful Italian fiancèe in the passenger seat (she's  real!) remembering the brash words of the advertisement below:


14.05: The Norwegian spring sports car show!


Early, very early start this sunday, up at 0640 to start cleaning and polishing the car, for its most important day of the year. Spent a good portion of the newly purchased bottle of Autoglym, with a thorough interior clean and FINALLY fitting the new spinners to the wheels. Ferrari Dino mirrors fitted the night before.These items will be the only visible deviations to the Elan's originality.


The only Elan +2S at the show, along with other Lotus cars, mostly Elises.

All of the best sports cars in Norway were at the show, with everything from Ferrari Dino to MGB, and a semi-original Ford GT40 which easily qualified for the best engine note so far this year.


Amazing Ferrari 250 with inspiring exhausts





Late 60s Trident, with a fierce 5litre 350bhp V8



FOR MORE on the show, go to

22.04: Finally SPRING !  

unwrapped the Elan, connected the battery, topped up oil, antifreeze and added fresh petrol... fourth try..VROOM! Finally the first drive. The engine as silky smooth as when I put it away, with the same lovely smell from the inviting interior, I headed home in the sunset for a thorough wash before nightfall. Pictures:


26.02: Winter

The Elan was unwrapped,dusted and rolled out of its hibernation space for a quick look, eagerly awaiting spring..

My Sweetheart

A few pages from a +2S sales brochure



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Important events 2006:

14.May: NSK vårmønstring(Norwegian Sports Car Club spring show)

26.August: A Big wedding in Milano, MY OWN. tying the knot with my girl, the good looking one in the picture....Unfortunately the prospect of Norway to Milano in the Lotus is too scary.. So it's a Bentley MkVI on the day.


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