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Current and previous members of the club and their athletic specialty. 

* Indicates athlete is inactive at this time.
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Adbur-Rahim, Mustafa Track and Field 
Aptakin, Peter Power Lifting 
Arend, Roger Power Lifting 
Ashley, Paul  
Bamforth, Annabelle * Olympic Lifting 
Barry, Tamara Power Lifting 
Bloom, Denise Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting 
Boboc, George Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting 
Bronstein, John Discus, Shot Put, Hammer 
Brooker, Dave Power Lifting, Shot Put, Hammer 
Busch, Roger  
Cameron, Nicole Olympic Lifting 
Cavanaugh, Chris Power lifting, Olympic lifting 
Chan, Amy  
Clement, Darren Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting 
Costello, Mike (in memoriam) Power Lifting, Shot Put 
Crandall, Pam Power lifting 
Crate, Mike * Power Lifting 
Davidson, Caleb Olympic & Power Lifting, Shot Put, Discus, Hammer 
Dodge, Karen * Power Lifting 
Doolittle, Jerry *  
Eaton, Sam *  
Farland, Terry Power Lifting, Shot Put 
Fog, Jim Olympic & Power lifting, shot put, hammer 
Gassett, Chris *  
Gebroe, Denise Power Lifting 
Geiling, Alice Power Lifting 
Geurkink, Katrina Power lifting, Shot Put, Hammer, Discus 
Greco, Richard  
Griggs, Brenda  
Hau, Patrick (in absentia)  
Hazelton, David (in absentia)   
Hesch, Bethany (in absentia)  
Higgins, Jane Olympic & Power Lifting, Shot Put, Hammer 
Hindle, Joe  
Holmes MD, Ed (in memoriam) Weight Throw 
Ikonomov, Luben Olympic & Power Lifting,  
Jager, Nick *  
Jenkins, Pam  
Jones, Gisela Power Lifting 
Kozak, Arnie Discus 
Lampangano, Daniel *  
LeClair, Jon Track & Field 
LeClair, Lisa Track & Field 
Licht, Jeff Power Lifting 
Marka, Karl * Olympic Lifting 
McCruthean, Zach Olympic lifting, Power lifting 
Mechling, Joyce Power Lifting, Throwing 
Merriam, Josh  
Messiter, Sam (in memoriam)  
Meyers, Tim Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting 
Mommany, Greg Power Lifting 
Morris, Pat Discus 
MvcCleary, Chuck Power Lifting 
O'Donnell, Frank  
O'Reilly, Kevin  
Otrando, Bob  
Parkosewich, Gary  
Passage, Chris Olympic & Power Lifting 
Pelletier, Leon Olympic & Power Lifting 
Pelletier, Steven  
Penland, Roger Power lifting, shot put, hammer 
Reed, Bill  
Richens, Mark (in absentia)  
Rickards, Pete  
Roberts, Pat  
Rodriguez, Zane Javelin, Olympic Lifting 
Roivick, John  
Sahlman, Bill (in absentia)  
Schou, John  
Secord, Bill Power Lifting 
Shreve, Shelly  
Sperry, Glenn Power Lifting 
Steingrass, Carol (in absentia)  
Stinson, Jack Power Lifting, Shot Put, Hammer 
Swenson, Linda Track & Field 
Taylor, Dave  
Thompson, Valerie Olympic & Power Lifting, Hammer, Discus, Shot Put 
Valentine, Eric *  
Valentine, Kelly*  
Vasalle, Frank  
Wallin, Carl Olympic & Power Lifting, Track & Field 
Wallin, John  
White, Charles  
Wolfe, Cal Power Lifting, Shot Put 
Showing 86 items