About Us

Club member range in age from 13 to 95+

Thor's Stone Athletic Club did not come into being by accident. It was a long thought out premise by one individual, who is professionally trained in athletics with 40 years of experience that enables him to oversee and execute its goals and directions.

This unique organization is based on the concept of enabling everybody and anybody.....men and women of all ages, including seniors, young adults and even students to embrace and practice an ideal that inspired its conception. That ideal is to become active in physical activities that make for better lives, more healthful outlooks, social camaraderie and enable and satisfy everyone's needs to be a more vital individual.
If this sounds a trifle unobtainable or even too idealistic, it is not.... because it is now happening among our many members that are provided with free coaching and training from experts in their fields....and there are no memberships fees.
The physical activities TSAC is involved with are track and field and weight lifting. And they come with coaching and guidance at every step....for every member with individual attention.
TSAC encourages all to become participants instead of merely viewers or observers of sports and physical challenges. "With Big Risk comes Big Reward"
Why does TSAC do it?
The answer to that may seem unusual, but it really is not. The individual spoken of in the opening paragraph wants to continue to attract and mentor and guide club members in his principals and activities that have proven so meaningful to him..... and why not?  Passing it along can prove very meaningful for everyone.

Athletic training opportunities

We train in Olympic lifting, Power lifting and Throwing under the guidance of Coach Carl Wallin. 
Track and Field with an emphasis on throwing. The throwing events are shot put, hammer, discus, javelin and weight 

 and Conditioning
programs are designed for each individual of the club by the TSAC coach. 
  • Olympic lifting  includes two competition lifts in order are the snatch and the clean and jerk. Lifters must follow rules and regulation for what is counted as a valid lift. Three attempts are made for each lift and the highest weight from the lifts are counted in the total score. Lifters compete in age, gender, and weight divisions.

    The Snatch: In the snatch, the bar is lifted from the floor to an overhead position in one motion.

    The Clean & Jerk: Consists of two stages. The first stage, called the clean, the bar is picked from the floor and placed on the shoulders in one motion. After a pause, the athlete goes to the second stage of the motion. The athlete then lifts the bar into an overhead position while placing the legs in a lunge position (one leg on front of the other).

  • Power lifting involves of three competition lifts: the squat, the deadlift and the bench press. Each lift has rules and regulations for what constitutes a valid lift. In a competition, three attempts are made for each kind of lift and the highest weight from each lift is counted in the total score. Lifters compete in divisions of gender, weight and age and whether lifting equipped or raw.  Thor’s Stone members lift in the Raw Modern Division (belt, knee wraps permitted) unless otherwise indicated

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