Thoroughbred Horse Racing Partnerships


Thoroughbred horse racing partnerships

    Thoroughbred horse racing partnerships allow everyone the oportunity to own a thoroughbred race horse. You can own all or a piece of a race horse. Becoming a partner eliminates the burden of high cost and reduces the risk of losing. A shareholder can own shares of multiple horses or just one. Owning shares of multiple horses gives you more chances to watch your horse race and that means more chances to win.
  • Partnerships come in all forms. Beware of people who ask for thousands of dollars to buy a yearling or a two year old with promises of winning based on excellent bloodlines and conformation. If this horse was so great, then he would have been sold at auction for hundreds of thousands. These programs want you to believe you are getting the next derby winner. These are horses that could not meet the reserve price or didn't make it to auction. These are very high risk ventures and almost always result in failure. You may end up spending thousands more dollars for years, waiting for your horse to actually race and that is if he even gets to. One third of all thoroughbred foals born, never race and more than half of the horses that do race, never win. Our thoroughbred horse racing partnerships are based on realistic expectations and performance proven horses. Calculated risk and strategies are implemented in the program to insure your success. We set short term goals and give you the option of getting out, if the horse fails to earn money, in the first thirty days. We don't want you to wait years to see your horse race for the first time like other partnership programs. Our program is very simple to understand and requires a minimal investment. To learn more about partnership options, goto To read more about thoroughbred ownership facts and cost, goto
  • Our class B partnership option is the most comprehensive, fast track program, designed to get you to the winner's circle faster. Visit  web site and learn more about the trainer and ownership options. Click here to learn more about the Class B partnership program.
    Read about City Avenger.  He was bought and sold in seven days and placed second for a first time owner.
Thoroughbred horse racing partnerships offered through Crocker Racing Stable Partners.

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