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Thorn Tree Coffee
10540 SW Laurel
Beaverton, OR

We can package and ship coffee's for the holiday season to your friends and family far and near!


"Mwaiseni, Munandi! " 

You are Welcome, my friend!

We feature coffee from the heart of Africa!  




Rwanda Muntu                            Dark Vienna Roast!              $9.50  a lb

Full bodied with a smooth finish from the highlands of Rwanda

                                                           Whole Bean                   Drip Grind                  

 Tanzania Mini's!              A small rare Peaberry!               $9.50  a lb                      Small, young, whole bean makes a brite and fruity coffee

                                                        Whole Bean                       Drip Grind       

  Safari Breakfast Blend!  ___  Medium Roast                     $9.50  a lb 

                                           Whole Bean                       Drip Grind         


 Safari Decaf!                                           Decaf               $12.50  a lb

         Medium roasted decaf coffee (not Zambian), Swiss Water processed

         Order Decaf                            Whole Bean                            Drip Grind

 Flavored Coffees    (Sugar Free!)             

     Midnight Snack!                  A Chocolate chip treat        $9.95   a lb

                                                    Whole Bean                        Drip Grind

         $5.50     1/2 lb Gift Size         1/2 lb Whole Bean           1/2 lb Drip Grind

     Shuka!                             Highland Creme!                     $9.95  a lb

                                           Whole Bean                       Drip Grind 

     $ 5.50  1/2 lb Gift size            1/2 lb Whole Bean           1/2 lb Drip Grind

    Honey MacNut!              Honey Macadamia Creme!           $9.95  a lb 

       Pounds    (16 oz)             Whole Bean                      Drip Grind

         $5.50     1/2 lb Gift size    1/2 lb Whole Bean         1/2 lb Drip Grind

 5 Pack of Single 1.7 ounce Packets      (Drip Ground)                

5 Pack Singles!    $7.50 For packet of 5  

Local Portland area delivers?  Please call or email for free delivery!
We can blend any coffee's and grind them special for you!

For Volume Orders  and  commercial accounts write Lee for pricing!

Special Labeled Coffees for All Occasions!                                503-641-4346    

Makoma Farm, changing Africa from the roots!                                           Email Your Order, Or Special Requests