Notes for Leaders

Guide-lines for Leaders

1. Do walkout(s) prior to date of walk.

2. Plan car-parking, breaks and comfort stops.

3. Be as accurate as possible in estimating the length of the walk and the nature of the terrain to those enquiring in advance.

4. Appoint a back-marker, preferably one who knows the route and who carries a whistle.

5. Count the number of walkers before, during and after the walk.

6. Pause after stiles, gates and hills to allow slower walkers to catch up and rest. Leaders should be considerate and take account of the abilities of the members of their party.

7. Pass messages back to back-marker to close gates.

8. Walk in single file through crops.

9. On roads, walk in single file, facing on-coming traffic.

10. Take great care in crossing roads, at junctions and on right-hand bends.

11. After breaks, give 5 minutes warning before re-starting.

12. Try to offer descriptions/explanations on aspects of interest during the walk.

13. Inform the Walks Organiser of any changes/swops in walks.

14. After the walk, tell the Walks Organiser the number who took part.

15. Leaders of walks are asked to provide written directions to reach the starting point for the walk. These directions should please be given to car drivers at the Rock Street Car Park assembly point in Thornbury.