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Dunster weekend snowdrop valley walk


The hot toddy walk was well attended and as well as a warming drink at lunch we were rewarded with warming sunshine. Thanks Dave.

A welcome coffee break
A secret lunch


                                                                     I'm sure the others were around here somewhere

                               Blubells in Wiltshire, near Giant's Grave                                                                         
lunchtime at Ladye Bay
                                                                                                                   spring is sprung
                                                                                                                         Bristol in Switzerland                 Spring in Frampton

Towards Coaley Peak

 A  rather cold and wet evening was passed in Ray's campervan extolling the virtues of poetry and the local apple products

The walk form the campsite at Bircher soon gave rise to this  magnificent view at Croft Amberly, an old iron age fort.
A rather wet walk
walking at Dundry where we ended up with a climb up the tower and tea and cakes