Useful TiVo Applications

Some of the useful applications I have got going on my TiVo's

Auto Space (

A utility by nsysblh that works well with TiVo Series 1 units.  It automatically displays the used/free space information in place of the header on the Now Showing (or Now Playing) screen.

Block List (

A TivoWeb/Plus module by denali that gives you more control over your ToDo list, particularly when using wishlists to record programmes.

Buffer Hack (

A hack by JJBliss/jeboo/black_widow000/MuscleNerd that can be used to alter the size of the autorecord /live buffer.

Channel Grid (

A TivoWeb/Plus by cwingert that displays a weeklong grid of a particular channel.

Channel Prefs (

A TivoWebPlus module by SteveT that gives easy access the set,  save, and restore your channel preferences. 

Check Schedule (

This application checks your upcoming recording schedule against the timeslots that you recorded last week and warns you if there are any discrepancies.

Guide Data Checker (

A TivoWeb/Plus module by MrTickle that displays a graphical representation of how much guide data you have available.

Hi-Guide (

A TivoWeb/Plus module by DrWeaver which I feel is an improvement over the  existing What'sOn module.

JPEG Writer (

A utility by TheJake that can be used to display images via your TiVo (such as weather maps, etc)

Manual Recording (

A TivoWeb/Plus by cwingert that allows for manual recordings to be scheduled.

Monitor IP (

An application that runs on the TiVo monitoring it's IP address with the ability to notify you if it changes.

No Flicker (

A package of various graphics created by Dibblah, Modan and MrTickle to improve the display of the menus on the UK (v2.5.5) TiVo's.

PAL Mod (

A kernel module to change the input/output of a US TiVo from NTSC to PAL - for use in countries such as New Zealand :-)

Screen Saver (

A screen saver application by embeem for the TiVo. 

Slice Utilities (

A Series 1 TiVo port of Tridge's readguide/writeguide utlities for manipulating slice files.

TivoPOP (

An application by dpop that will collect emails and insert them as TiVo "messages".

TivoTime (

An rdate(1) implementation for the TiVo. 

WakeOnLAN (

An application ported to the TiVo to wake up other WOL devices.