TivoWebPlus (v2.1)

(A great alternative to TivoWeb v1.9.4)

Downloadable Bundles

TivoWebPlus v2.1    tivowebplus-v2.1.b3-110622.tgz    (Previous  091208, 090522, 090404, 090223)
The continuation of development of the v2.0.0 stream by BTUx9, SteveT and others from the forums.  This is a development release and may have a few bugs to be ironed out, any feedback and testing of this release is much appreciated.   This version is not compatible with external modules, so a clean installation is required with this release. 
The developers forum for this version can be found here.  SteveT's jacket themes are included but the background images must be downloaded separately here.

Notice for DTivo users running v6.3

There have been some changes in the way DirecTV units running version 6.3 create Season Passes (more information can be found here).  Odd things will start happening if Season Passes are created from within older TW/TWP distributions.  A temporary fix has been implemented to try and resolve this although it can only create one if a Season Pass, or recording, has already been created for that channel via the TiVo UI.

For example if you wish to schedule a SP for "4 KRON" via TWP then you must have already created a SP for that channel via the TiVo UI.  This is required, as we need to get the NpkChannelDefinition value so that it can be reused when TWP creates an entry (and I can't figure out how to create them from scratch).

Upgrading TivoWebPlus - the easy way

If you are already running a later version of TivoWebPlus then you can use the "Update" facility found within the "more..." or "System" menus.  Simply download one of the packages from this site and then use this module to perform a "smart" update (most of your settings and configurations will remain as they were).

Installing from scratch

This guide is designed to assist you in installing TivoWebPlus.

1. Stop any running TivoWeb service (using the Restart->Quit option)
2. cd /var/hack
3. tar xvzf tivowebplus-v2.1.b3-110622.tgz
4. cd TivoWebPlus
5. ./tivoweb

If you do not have the "tar" command available, then you could try "gzip -d tivowebplus-xxxxxx.tgz; cpio -idu -H tar < tivowebplus-xxxxxx.tar"

If everything is working then you may wish to edit your /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.author so that it will start up automatically after a reboot, by adding the following lines:

 # Start TivoWebPlus
/var/hack/TivoWebPlus/tivoweb &


The default installation will prompt remote clients (those that are not on the local network) for authentication.  The username is "oztivo" with a blank password.

The Conflict Resolution module requires the Manual Recording module on the remote TiVo as this allows for better usability and more automation.  So if you use Conflict Resolution then you will either need to install the package on both systems, or copy the 'manrec.itcl' module over to it (this module will work fine on all versions of TW/TWP).

Block list support has been added to the "ToDo" list under the User Interface module.  This can be quite handy if you use wishlists to record shows and wish to exclude some shows that match particular wishlists.

An Upgrade module is available to help streamline future updates.


Need to fine tune DST settings.  If anyone is having trouble with TWP displaying an hour behind then please let me know your TiVo software version along with your UseDaylightSavings setting (post on this forum, or contact me).  You can use the MFS module (found under "more..." in this bundle) to check these values (found under /State/LocationConfig).  If you are impatient then you can set DST_Policy to 2 in your tivoweb.cfg file to force Daylight Savings mode (available in distributions 060920+).

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