TivoWebPlus (v1.3)

(A nice alternative to TivoWeb v1.9.4)

Downloadable Bundles

TivoWebPlus v1.3.1        tivowebplus-v1.3.1-071214.tgz    (Previous 071114, 071027, 070925)
This version is compatible with just about all of the modules available for the older TW v1.9.4.  
Many modules have been included in the bundle.  The developers forum for this version is here, and the general support forum is here.  This has essentially been replaced with the newer v2.x distribution which many are using with great success (packages can be found here).

TivoWeb Desktop Widget

There is also a great desktop widget (by Paul Denaro) that works well with the v1.3.1 distribution.

Notice for DTivo users running v6.3

There have been some changes in the way DirecTV units running version 6.3 create Season Passes (more information can be found here).  Odd things will start happening if Season Passes are created from within older TW/TWP distributions.  A temporary fix has been implemented to try and resolve this although it can only create one if a Season Pass, or recording, has already been created for that channel via the TiVo UI.

For example if you wish to schedule a SP for "4 KRON" via TWP then you must have already created a SP for that channel via the TiVo UI.  This is required, as we need to get the NpkChannelDefinition value so that it can be reused when TWP creates an entry (and I can't figure out how to create them from scratch).

Upgrading TivoWebPlus - the easy way

If you are already running a later version of TivoWebPlus then you can use the "Update" facility found within the "more..." menu.  Simply download one of the packages from this site and then use this module to perform a "smart" update (all your settings and configurations will remain as they were).

Upgrading from TivoWeb

This guide is designed to assist you in installing TivoWebPlus.  Many modules have been included in the bundle.  If you wish to have a look before installing it, you can check out the demo system.

If you want to upgrade simply follow these steps:

1. Stop any running TivoWeb service (using the Restart->Quit option)
2. cd /var/hack
3. tar xvzf tivowebplus-v1.3.1-071214.tgz
4. cd TivoWebPlus
5. ./tivoweb

If you do not have the "tar" command available, then you could try "gzip -d tivowebplus-xxxxxx.tgz; cpio -idu -H tar < tivowebplus-xxxxxx.tar"

You may wish to change a few of the parameters within tivoweb.cfg (these are documented here).  If everything is working then you may wish to edit your /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.author so that it will start up automatically after a reboot:


 # Start TiVoWeb
/hack/tivoweb-tcl/tivoweb &

Replace that with:

 # Start TivoWebPlus
/var/hack/TivoWebPlus/tivoweb &

If there are any extra modules you would like to add, you can copy them into /var/hack/TivoWebPlus/modules directory (and do a Restart->Quick Reload).

TIP: If you also want to be able to run the original tivoweb, simply edit the tivoweb config file in the /var/hack/tivoweb-tcl directory and change the port to 8080, that way when you open your web browser http://tivo/ you will get tivoweb plus, and should you need the original simply use http://tivo:8080/


The default installation will prompt remote clients (those that are not on the local network) for authentication.  The username is "oztivo" with a blank password.

The Conflict Resolution module requires the Manual Recording module on the remote TiVo as this allows for better usability and more automation.  So if you use Conflict Resolution then you will either need to install the package on both systems, or copy the 'manrec.itcl' module over to it (this module will work fine on all versions of TW/TWP).

Block list support has been added to the "ToDo" list under the User Interface module.  This can be quite handy if you use wishlists to record shows and wish to exclude some shows that match particular wishlists. If for some reason this annoys you then delete 'xlist.itcl' from the modules directory.

The "Extract" module will only appear if MFS-FTP is installed on the system, and it should be noted that TivoWebPlus will unresponsive during any file transfer - so you are better off directly connecting to MFS-FTP via an FTP client on port 3105.

Modules that are seldom used are located under a menu called "more...", if you do not like this and wish to have them all displayed at the top level then delete '{more}.itcl' from the modules directory, or edit the configuration file '{more}.cfg' to add or remove "hidden" items.

An Upgrade facility is available under the "more..." menu to help streamline future updates.

Read the Change History for a write-up on all the other improvements that have been implemented.


Need to fine tune DST settings.  If anyone is having trouble with TWP displaying an hour behind then please let me know your TiVo software version along with your UseDaylightSavings setting (post on this forum, or contact me).  You can use the MFS module (found under "more..." in this bundle) to check these values (found under /State/LocationConfig).  If you are impatient then you can set DST_Policy to 2 in your tivoweb.cfg file to force Daylight Savings mode (available in distributions 060920+).

Contact Me

You can post on this forum or email me on

Change History

071027 - October 27th, 2007
Updated NpkChannelDefinition checks to include newer software.
071013 - October 13th, 2007
The ToDo list has been set to not cache, so it should display correctly when changing blocklist's and patterns.  Previously there was an issue where proxy systems would cache the page.
070901 - September 1st, 2007
Changed the defaults for EditSeasonPass to Best (RecordingQuality) and Keep All (MaxRecordings) if no values exist in the database as is seems no values are stored for these settings.
070410 - April 10th, 2007
Timezone information has been separated into different library modules found under .../libs/tz/.  Currently there are three zones defined (US, GB and GMT).  "US" and "GB" define the daylight savings policies for the United States and Great Britain, whereas "GMT" is a null template for areas running their TiVo's in GMT (such as Australia and New Zealand).
070321 - March 21st, 2007
A new 'get_tzoffset' has been implemented by BTUx9 to correctly calculate the new US Daylight savings policy.
070305 - March 5th, 2007
Fixed the DiskBehavior values so that the expiry values will be correctly displayed under newer versions of the TiVo O/S.
070205 - February 5th, 2007
The "Title" sort in NowPlaying and Folders now ignores the first word if it is "The" or "A".
070111 - January 11th, 2007
Added a recording options configuration file (recoptions.cfg).   Using this file it is possible to alter some of the defaults when creating recordings under TWP.   This is really just a shortcut to avoid having to select your favourite options if you perform many recordings via TWP.
061226 - December 26th, 2006
Added support for the creating of the DRM object in v8.1 recordings, without this the units will reboot when a recording is attempted.
061025 - October 25th, 2006
Block list support added to ChannelPrefs.   This is configured via the tivoweb.cfg configuration file and allows you to "blacklist" various channels so that they can be easily removed from your channel list.
061024 - October 24th, 2006
Three new modules added: DisplayText, NetConfig (for V4+ units) and RunScript (found under SysAdmin).
061018 - October 18th, 2006
LJay's Folders module has been added to the distribution.  This allows you to group the NowPlaying list into folders as well as provides more sort options.
061013 - October 13th, 2006
The FSID value in the NowPlaying screen can now be clicked to launch the ASX stream via Windows Media Player (requires the TyShow codec).  This link can also be right-clicked to launch an application (usually VLC) via a "tivo://..." URL.  Both these mechanisms require that vserver be running on the TiVo (vserver is supplied as part of the mplayer package).  This mechanism essentially makes the "TyShowLinks" parameter redundant.
060929 - September 29th, 2006
ChannelMap is now only active on compatible units.  A temporary mechanism has been implemented to capture a few statistics (the version of TWP, the TiVo software version, and the TV Standard) after a successful update has occurred via the update module.  If this bothers you then you can opt-out by setting SF_Stats to 0 inside your tivoweb.cfg file.  This will hopefully give us some information on where to concentrate development efforts.
060922 - September 22nd, 2006
A hack has been added to create an NpkChannelDefinition field for DTivo units running v6.3.  It is only able to create a Season Pass if a "real" has already been created for that channel via the TiVo UI, but will avoid triggering the (v6.3) "Now Playing List" play/select bug.
For example if you wish to schedule a SP for "4 KRON" via TWP then you must have already created a SP for that channel via the TiVo UI.  This is required as we need to get the NpkChannelDefinition value so that it can be reused when TWP creates an entry (as I can not figure out how to create it from scratch).
060920 - September 20th, 2006
Support for a new configuration parameter DST_Policy which if set to 0 will determine the policy automatically.  If set to 1 then Daylight Savings is disabled, and if set to 2 then Daylight Savings will be enabled.
060918 - September 18th, 2006
MRV Setup module included for software versions 4 and above.  This allows you to name the TiVo for Multi-Room Viewing.
060916 - September 16th, 2006
Support folder editing (for software versions 4.0 and above) added - modifications sourced from lgKahn's work.  The HOSTNAME is now displayed in the header rather than the name of the theme (which did not work under IE6 anyway).
060911 - September 11th, 2006
The "Reorder SPs" module (by sanderton) has been added as an alternative to the existing reprioritize screen.  Some people prefer it, as it has a more GUI orientated mechanism (works quite well under IE, but not so well under FireFox).
Many global variables have either been removed or replaced with functions.  This may help with the high memory utilisation seen on DTivo units (DTivo users may also wish to set hide_not_received, hide_ppv and hide_xm in their tivoweb.cfg file).
060907 - September 7th, 2006
MelvinPervis has provided a large number of improvements for DTivo units.  A few of these follow (for more details see the doc/ChangeLog file).  Version number bumped to v1.3.1

Features Added:
HiGuide - shows in HD can display with different fg/bg color or icon
HiGuide - MPAA ratings icons can be displayed where applicable
HiGuide - USTV ratings icons can be displayed where applicable
HiGuide - Closed Caption icons can be displayed where applicable
HiGuide - Page can be auto refreshed at the top of the hour

Window title shows current date-time range of schedule

Startup optimization:
 Options during startup to eliminate large numbers of extraneous channels
from lists. Because the lists are much smaller, both startup and general
performance are improved. For DirecTV, more than half the 700+ channels
are eliminated. Three options are provided:

hide_not_received eliminate anything you have marked as not received
hide_ppv eliminate all pay-per-view channels
hide_xm eliminate xm channels that are not marked as favourites

Reinitialisation of the logo index is not forced while loading channels.
060829 - August 29th, 2006
Support for a new configuration parameter called ShowTivorEntries which can be set to 0 (the default) to hide these "TIVOR" entries from the ToDo list.  Stylesheet added for RSS feed to enable web browser viewing.
060821 - August 21st, 2006
Fix applied for manual recordings at midnight (which seems to be missing a value for StartTimeLocal).  The sizing method for the PNG transparency support for IE has been changed from 'scale' to 'image'.
060817 - August 17th, 2006
The screen module is now enabled for UK (v2.5.5) users.
060814 - August 14th, 2006
Added a content handler for the RSS feeds. There is a new option in the tivoweb.cfg file called RSS_Auth, if set to 0 then clients viewing RSS feeds will not be required to authenticate.
060802 - August 2nd, 2006
Updated blocklist field in the todo screen so that a right click on a "+" will add the show as a block pattern (along with the channel, day and hour) and take you directly to the block list/pattern edit screen.
060801 - August 1st, 2006
Updated ui and gdchecker modules to ignore season passes that occur during periods when there is no schedule information in the database.
060730 - July 30th, 2006
Added RSS feed generator for Now Playing and ToDo listings.
060726 - July 26th, 2006
The distribution will automatically diagnose crashes due to insufficient memory and will increase the memory pool.  This is only done if your setup requires it (ie you have experienced a reboot due to insufficient memory).
060719 - July 19th, 2006
Fixes to the update scripts to ensure the old configuration files are restored.  Checks added to the check_dist.sh script.
060717 - July 17th, 2006
The gallery upload will now accept files with uppercase extensions (.JPG). The UI labels "Now Showing" has been replaced with "Now Playing" as this seems to be what is used on both the UK and US models.  Links to return to the season pass screen have been added to some of the status pages.  The use of 'ps' has been replaced with 'grep' to be more compatible with all systems.
060715 - July 15th, 2006
The decode_upload code has been fixed to resolve an issue with a boundary condition - so the server can now handle form-data uploads correctly.  The update facility can now install simple modules (.itcl files).  A new merge module (by embeem) has been added giving you the ability to create a multipart show containing a playlist of other shows... it's far from perfect and has some pretty serious limitations, but could be useful to some people.  This feature can be found under UI->Now Showing and can be enabled via the tivoweb.cfg file (it does require that MultiDelete be enabled).  The info module now handles the case where the average bit rate is calculated as zero.
060710 - July 10th, 2006
The update module now displays the existing version information.  The blocklist module contains more information (and an example) concerning the matching of patterns against day/time.
060709 - July 9th, 2006
The update scripts now check for available disk space.  The tivoweb stop script now supports prefix and will bring up the loopback interface (as this is not always configured).  All scripts have been rewritten to avoid (where possible) the use of non-standard TiVo binaries.
060708 - July 8th, 2006
Added the ability to update the software with the latest bundle from the web interface.  This can be found under the "more..." menu.  Replaced all HREF's with html_link function in "backup".
060706 - July 6th, 2006
Added support to serve gif's and jpg's image types.  Trialling a submenu for the {more...} module. Image Gallery module (with some images of NZ) added with the ability to upload new images.  This can be found under the "more..." menu.
060704 - July 4th, 2006
Menu changed to take up less screen real-estate.
060701 - July 1st, 2006
TWP distribution information (with optional distribution check) has been added to the info screen.  In the UI module, "Now Showing" has been replaced with "Now Playing" when run on UK systems.  ChannelPrefs updated to v1.04.
060624 - June 24th, 2006
Higuide now uses a local array to store its configuration rather than global variables.  Higuide should also be semi-dual-tuner aware.  The console option is now recognised when starting tivoweb.
060623 - June 23rd, 2006
The "Now Showing" sort options (classic, expiry & title) are now available for all TiVo software versions (previously it was only available for v3.0 users).  The http daemon will now wait for up to 45 seconds for the network to be established, thus avoiding issues with some DHCP servers taking a little too long to dish out an address.  The javascript files have been relocated under a "scripts" directory.
060619 - June 19th, 2006
Fixed the "recording history" filter code as backPath was not being correctly set in some situations (such as clearing a filter when viewing the last 5 days of history).  The filter changes are now automatically saved in the tivoweb.cfg file.  New option added to SysAdmin module for v3.0 users.  It is a function that will clean up old file handles, which can cause people who run a lot of scripts hooking into the Event Switcher issues (as they will eventually run out of handles).  Minor correction to deleted shows header.  DirecTV button changed for a TiVo button on the Web Remote.
060614 - June 14th, 2006
Changes made to Blocklist pattern matching to support day and time.  It is now possible to exclude the early morning repeats for shows.  For example "The L Word+Thu 03:" will block showings of The L Word that occur at 3am on Thursday mornings.  The tivoweb startup script now also supports 'start', 'stop' and 'restart' parameters.  It defaults to 'start' for compatibility.
060531 - May 31st, 2006
Changes made to support new DTivo version (v3.5).  Added HiGuide module with links into the ChannelGrid module. HiGuide can probably replace the "What's On" module in the future.  Added usage logging to 'tivoweb.log' file.  New 'tivoweb.cfg' parameter called HostsAllow, which allows you to specify the valid list of hosts that are allowed to connect to the web server.  Host and Network addresses can be placed in the list.  For example: "HostsAllow = 192.168." will allow access from as well as any host whose IP address matches 192.168.x.x
060513 - May 13th, 2006
FSID information added to the "Now Showing" screen to keep compatible with old tivoweb module.  New transparent PNG fix for IE as the previous one did not work with image maps (meaning the web remote was not working under IE).  Simple alignment changes to dates.
060512 - May 12th, 2006
New 'tivoweb.cfg' parameter called LAN_Auth, which makes the authentication of local clients optional.  For instance if this is set to "0" then clients on the local network won't be prompted for a username/password, but those not on the local network will be.  In an attempt to add a little security to a standard installation the included configuration file now has a default username of "oztivo" but won't prompt local clients for authentication.  The LAN_Auth parameter can be set to "1" if you wish to prompt all clients for authentication.
060508 - May 8th, 2006
The (CSS) themes have been moved into a subdirectory.  A new variable called "lang" has been set to either "en" (English) or "us" (US English), and will display output in the appropriate language.  All users of the OzTiVo image, or UK hardware, will now default to "English".
060506 - May 6th, 2006
The WhatsOn module now defaults to Channels Watched.  All "integer" sorts have been changed to "real".  A fix has been made so that the "Three Thumbs Up" logo displays correctly.
060505 - May 5th, 2006
A configuration file has been added for the "more..." menu (called '{more}.cfg').  This will make it easier for people to move modules into this menu without having to worry about altering the source.
060503 - May 3rd, 2006
Includes support for Series 2 units.  A '.placeholder' file has been created in the uploads directory to ensure that it is created (this directory is required to import logos).  Modules that are seldom used have been relocated under a menu called "more..."
060501 - May 1st, 2006
Added (PNG) transparency support for IE 5.5 & 6 Windows clients by using a feature that allows the client to use DirectX to render the image (requires Javascript be enabled).
060430 - April 30th, 2006
Built from a prerelease of TivoWebPlus v1.2.2. Some changes were made to whatson, error handling was added to mail, genre support and reprioritisation fix to ui, season pass numbering was fixed on wishlists, save support was added to theme selection, a fix for text mode was made to webremote, transparent PNG support for Firefox and Opera browsers (Internet Explorer does not support these) was added to http-tt, TmkEvent calls were made conditional in the phone module.

The following modules were added: Channel Preferences, Guide Data Checker, Channel Grid, Manual Recording, Conflict Resolution, Channel Map, Extract, Blocklists and SysAdmin.  The icon package being used was created by "TheEndless".

Software Archive

2002 - TivoWeb v1.9.4               The final release of the original TivoWeb
2003 - TivoWeb-NG                     An alpha release of a new proposed API
2005 - TivoWebPlus v1.2.1      TivoWebPlus is revised and updated

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