A nice alternative to TivoWeb v1.9.4

TivoWebPlus Bundles

TivoWebPlus v1.3.1
This version is compatible with just about all of the modules available for the older TW v1.9.4.  
Many modules have been included in the bundle.  The developers forum for this version is here, and the general support forum is here.  This has essentially been replaced with the newer v2.x distribution which many are using with great success.

TivoWebPlus v2.1
The continuation of development of the v2.0.0 stream by BTUx9 and SteveT.  This version is not compatible with external modules, so a clean installation is required with this release. 
The developers forum for this version can be found hereBTUx9 also has a wiki, and for those not wanting to wait for the latest bundle all source is available via CVS.

Software Archive

2002 - TivoWeb v1.9.4               The final release of the original TivoWeb
2003 - TivoWeb-NG                     An alpha release of a new proposed API
2005 - TivoWebPlus v1.2.1      TivoWebPlus is revised and updated

2006 - TivoWebPlus v1.3.1       Final release of a TW compatible version of TWP
2006 - TivoWebPlus v2.0.0     Revised and updated for DTiVo units
2007 - TivoWebPlus v2.1.0      A complete revamp of TWP

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