Console Applications

A number of applications that can be used from a TiVo console (ie Telnet) session. 

Web Browser


'links' is a text mode WWW browser, supporting colors, correct table rendering, background downloading, menu driven configuration interface and slim code.  Frames are supported. This is compiled from the v1.00pre13-no-ssl source (found here). 

Two binaries are provided, one with DNS support (for those that have installed the DNS Tools) and the other is without DNS support (probably not of much use to many people).  It does not support the https protocol.

ZX-81 Emulator


'zx81' is a curses-mode Sinclair ZX81 emulator.  It supports most programs and games.  It saves and loads programs in Xtender's .P format as well as the Atari emulator's .81 format files.  It is a curses conversion of Russell Mark's z81txt emulator.

To run this under a terminal session on a TiVo you will probably need an ncurses shared library.  Tim has provided a bundle here.

A good site for finding old ZX81 software is here.

Space Invaders


'invaders' is a port of Ascii Invaders (by Thomas Munro).  Essentially this is a curses clone of the classic Space Invaders video game.

Games Bundle


Includes a number of simple console games: Othello, Minesweeper, Tetris, Space Invaders, Frotz (Interactive Fiction).