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World History Final

Exam due beofore the fianl exam date. Only first score counted. No retakes

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Weekly Plans and Objectives
 Third Quarter
3.1 3.2 3.3
 First Quarter Second Quarter
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
  3. Week 2, 4
  4. 2.5
    Socratic Seminar grading process
  5. 2.6 Greece Unit Google Presentation Portfolio
  6. 2.7
 Third Quarter

3.1 to 3.5
Middle Ages Islam Christianity Enlightenment Renaissance


Navigate iconic National Geographic maps with new interactive features and tools for creating custom materials that can be easily printed and shared.

The Ways of History
The Ways of History is a massively multiplayer browser-based real-time strategy game. Thousands of players on five continents, hundreds of sciences and structures, and full-scale military action.
World History Resources

Geography Jig Saw Puzzles
History Videos Worth Watching 

Alternative Geography 
World History

World History Article Collection 

Article Review Outline





I. Review what the article is about
5 Ws&H

First sentence of the article

II. Quotes
1st quote / Explain quote

2nd Quote Explain quote

III. State the significance of the article and how it connects to your life

World Music

World Music Journal

If you want to be a writer (of novels, screen plays, video games ... everything)...
You've got to study and memorize this...
Aristotle’s Formula of the Tragedy
Study the classics
From the Poetics

How to start a social movement
From TED