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Valley Leadership Day 8 - Arizona’s Changing Border

General Observations on the Dynamics of the Ambos Nogales Borderland

Session Ideas to Explore
Essential Questio
n: What are the enduring educational and cultural factors that are unique to border communities?
Objective: Briefly review models of border interaction


  • The image problem of the border

  • The Nogales student heart and  “spark”

  • The Nogales High School population

  • Examples of NHS excellence in programs and students 

  • An observation on language /bilingualism in the classroom

  • Reference to education in the Arizona and Sonora state constitutions on education

  • The “Border Milieu”, Borderlands, or “El Ambiente Fronterizo” describes the dynamics of the Ambos Nogales border.

  • The enduring realities of Nogales Borderland life.

Major subcultural regions of the border lands

Border People: Life and Society in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
Oscar J. Martínez, Ph.D

The Border Milieu -- El Ambiete Fronterizo

Milieu = "Social Environment"

The border is a world apart-a third very unsovereign nation, not wholly American and not quite Mexican either, with its own customs, mores, values, and even its own language, Spanglish. Family ties, religious roots, and economic interdependence knit the border region in both countries together to the point that Nogales, AZ has more in common with Nogales, Sonora Mexico than they do with most of the United States. 

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