History and Forerunners of today's New Multimedia Techniques 

Early Visual Media Archeology
 is a Belgian website for enthusiasts in media archeology research.
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Major subjects are pre-cinema - magic lanterns -phantasmagoria - optical toys & illusions - early photography - stereoscopes - early film - early television - conjuring arts - cabaret & vaudeville - fairground - stereo nudes - physique amusante - scientific instruments - Dance of Death, ... etc.

In addition, Early Visual Media Archeology uses a Google Group to communicate related information
to all group members. The group invites members to share information, to send requests in search for
an answer and to announce interesting exhibitions, events and publications in our popular media field.

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 review of the website by James Wilson, Oxford University.

Please, forward this url to all possible enthusiasts in photohistory, pre-cinema, filmhistory, media archeology, time-based-media research, ... etc.                                              www.visual-media.eu

Thomas Weynants