Dr. Thomas Pollet (Northumbria University)

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Short Bio                                                                                    

Dr. Thomas Pollet obtained his Ph.D. at Newcastle University (UK). He has since worked as Assistant professor at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) in the department of Evolutionary Social Psychology where he taught several courses on evolution and human behavior. He was also employed as Assistant Professor at the VU University Amsterdam (Social and Organizational Psychology) where he carried out teaching and research using an evolutionary framework. From November 2016 to July 2017 he worked for Universiteit Leiden. In July 2017, he took up a post as Associate Professor (Reader) with Northumbria University.

He has published on a wide variety of topics such as sexual selection for male wealth, sibling relationships, grandparenting, childlessness, height, parental investment and the evolution of social networks. He is currently focussing on methodology in evolutionary psychology. 


 I have a very diverse range of interests. Here are just some keywords:  Evolutionary Psychology; Life history theory; Ethology; Kin selection theory; Mate choice; Paternity uncertainty; Individual Differences (Height, Birth Order,…); Prejudice and intergroup relations; Family ties; Childlessness; Demography; (mental) Health.

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Teaching and supervision                                                      


I taught/teach the following courses.

Evolution and Social Behavior (lecturer/coordinator;  Research Masters. in Psychology, 2012-... )

Group Dynamics (lecturer, BSc. Psychology, year 3, 2014-...).

Research internship in Psychology (contributor, all levels, 2009-...).

Evolution and Human Behavior (lecturer/coordinator; BA. honours course, 2012-.2013)

Interpersonal Processes (lecturer,  Research Masters. in Psychology; 2011-2012). 

Evolutionary Psychology of Interpersonal processes (lecturer, BSc. Psychology, year 3; 2009-2011).


Capita selecta in Evolutionary Psychology (lecturer, Ma. in Psychology; 2009-2011).


Social psychology of communication (contributor, Ma. in Psychology; 2010-2011).


Methods II in Psychology (contributor, BSc. Psychology, year 2; 2008-2011).


Research practical in Psychology (contributor, BSc. Psychology, year 2; 2009-2011).


Theses (BSc. (>20 completed) and Ma. (>15  completed), 2008-…)).


Honours student projects (7 completed) and Traineeships (5 completed)


Ph.D. Theses (main supervisor of drs. K. Cobey (2009-2011),  drs. J. Janssen (2011-...); co-supervisor of drs. G. Stulp (2008-2011); dr. L. Klavina (2008-2012; graduated University of Groningen); drs. N. Blaker (2011-...).

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