The Thomaston Recreation Department, consists of one Full time Director, 7 committee members, 1 senior, 1 high school, and 2 alternates as well as over 75 volunteers. In 2005 The Thomaston Recreation Department changed from a part-time director to a full time director. The Recreation Department runs and organizes programs and events for children, adults and senior citizens.

The Recreation Department, currently offers youth leagues and clinics in soccer, basketball, cheer leading, baseball, and softball. This past summer we offered open adult softball, with plans to offer open basketball and volleyball this upcoming year. The Department also offers spring indoor soccer for both youth ages and adults.  Pick up outdoor soccer for adults was also introduced during the summer and early fall months.  Summer clinics in baseball and soccer were recently offered, with over 70 youths from around the area attending.

For senior citizens the Recreation Dept partners with the St. George Parks & Recreation Department to offer three annual trips.  There are typically three day trips, two in the  fall months as well as a holiday shopping trip.
We're always looking for new ideas for the Seniors, so contact the department with comments or suggestions!

The Thomaston Recreation Department Office is located above the town office on the second floor of Watts Hall on Knox Street in Thomaston. The Recreation Department is also responsible for the Thomaston Little League Field and the surrounding facility, one of the premier youth baseball and softball venues in the area. The Recreation Department, with help from the Thomaston Recreation Boosters, recently built a two story concession stand and press box as well adding full field lights to play night games.  With these additions Thomaston was able to host the 2009 Maine State Little League baseball tournament and annually hosts regional playoff competition for both little league baseball and softball.  The ability to have night games gives local youths the rare opportunity to play "under the lights" on a regular basis.  For a better look, check out the gallery on the website of the field, as well as recent little league and minor league baseball and softball games.

The Recreation Department is looking for ideas for new and exciting programs or events. We also are always in a need for volunteers to coach, ref, keep score, fund raise and various other tasks. We encourage you to get involved and make this department stronger!

Our annual goals and objectives for the department are listed as an attachment.  They include yearly goals as well as long-term aspirations for growth. 

Thomaston Recreation Department

1year, 5 year and 10 year goals

1.       Strengthen Economic Growth

-Continuously research grants/additional funding to expand programs/facilities

-Continue to offer programs at little or no cost to residents

- Market our more of our offerings to non-residents (fees apply)

-Keeping fees (for non-residents, summer clinics, etc) for programs low to encourage

participation and to recover some costs, as well as to compete with regional areas.


2.       Strengthen Community Core

-         Successfully hold regional little league tournament games each spring.

-          Fundraise for a possible recreation facility (5 year goal).

-         Promote website and other marketing concepts to ensure the

community is aware of our programs (including non-residents/other areas).


3.       Strengthen Municipal Service

1 year goals to strengthen municipal service

-         Offer additional programs (ski, indoor soccer, adult programs, summer activities).

-         Offer summer clinics in additional sports/programs.

-         Start Adult Fitness program(s)- events, open gym/field gatherings.

-         Expand the indoor soccer league to include surrounding towns/facilities.

-         Offer three trips for senior citizens, one in the summer months.

-         Look into senior citizen fitness classes and/or swimming outings.

-         Continue to investigate Cushing merger or alternative plan for Thomaston Compensation.


5 year Goals to strengthen municipal service


-         Work with RSU 13 to upgrade/update the Oceanside baseball field

-         Look in to the possibility of adding another field in town for soccer/baseball/softball.

-         Have a facility design and location- in coordination with other town projects

-         Explore an after-school program with alternative locations for programs.

-         Introduce non sporting classes/programs for all ages. 

-         Develop a non sports camp for summer recreation in Thomaston

-         Have a monthly senior citizen group meeting/luncheon

-         Further improvements in skate park

10 year Goals to strengthen municipal service


-         Have a community facility- that works for all age groups and recreation interest.

-         Have an assistant recreation director and staff for potential facility and programming.

-         Construct another field to ease scheduling conflicts.





Recreation Director - Matt Judkins was hired in October 2010

Recreation Committee

NameAddressPhoneE-mailTerm Ends
Beth Anthony PO Box 1492, Rockland 2013  
Carol Arsenault 274 West Meadow Rd., Thomaston 594-6377 2011 Vice-Chair 
Darryl Townsend 331 Main St., Thomaston 354-0077 2012 Chair 
Matt Judkins Town of Thomaston PO Box 299 354-6107 x 246/ 975-2544  Director 
Misty Start Alternate Seat 207-691-5122 2014  
Scott Strong 13 Hyler St., Thomaston 354-8204  alternate 
Tara Murray 8 Dennis Dr., Thomaston 354-7053 2013  
Todd Boynton  home 354-9578/cell 949-0873 2014  
Trina Johnson 22 Oyster River Rd., Thomaston 975-0165 2011 Secretary 
Vacant High School Seat   vacant non-voting 
Vacant Senior Citizen Seat   vacant non-voting 
Vallerie Allis Main St., Thomaston 701-1521 2013  
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