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Full Name: Thomas Samuel Tempest

DoB: 5th January 1988

Likes: Cats, pasta, Terry Pratchett

Dislikes: Bullies, moths, wooden spoons

I was born in Manchester, England to Les and Julia Tempest. My father is from Durham and my mother from Billingham (near Darlington), though she was born in Singapore as my grandfather was teaching with the RAF at that time.

I lived in Manchester for about one year before moving to Cockermouth in the Lake District. When I was about three years old I moved again, this time down south to Backwell, a village near Bristol. I have lived in approximately the same area ever since, despite two more house moves and not always living with the same people. Since entering the University of Exeter in October 2006 I have spent most of my time in that city. Unfortunately I have been forced to withdraw from my degree for the rest of this year on medical grounds, but I am remaining in Exeter for now and plan to resume my course in October.

My childhood was not particularly remarkable, even if it did tend to be constructed from opposites. I had bad bullies and good friends, I performed well academically yet had frustrated teachers. In fact, a theme of dichotomy seems to run through many aspects of my life, though this could well merely be my own perception.

I have had a highly active imagination for as long as I can remember, and my creative writing was always highly praised in school. However, it was not until I was fourteen or fifteen that I really realised that I wanted to write as a career. Although it must be said that 'career' is not entirely accurate. Particularly since being at university, I have found more and more that imagining and creating worlds, characters, stories is my burning passion. This is what I want to spend my life doing; making money from it is just a way to be able to continue spending most of my time doing it without having to worry about bills or mortgages.

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