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Fahrenheit 451 Project: Interesting program. This is a screenshot

Condensed version of the program here: Fahrenheit 451 Project. This version does not have the intro music, so if you choose to press "start," you will have to wait awhile before anything happens. When the picture changes, several more picture changes will occur, so wait until the "show" button appears in the top right corner before proceeding. Instructions: To install, simply extract the zip file's contacts to anywhere. Then, enter the folder and run the file "Future.exe". Click start or skip to begin. When you are on the picture wtih the show button in the top right hand corner, press "show" for the labels to appear. Afterward, mouse over the various labels to hear sound effects. The Wikipedia Satellite sound is a bit strange. Perhaps it's a backmasked message. 

Furthermore, an alternate history game of the American Revolution is available on the download and games pages.

Even more further, a free Paper Pool Calculator is provided along with an e-book.

An educational rendition about the amendments to the constitition, from the prohibition to the abolition is available here: Constitution Song