Our lodge choose Thomas Paine as an example, a model.

Robert G. Ingersoll on Thomas Paine :

 "He lived a long, laborious and useful life.
   The world is better for his having lived.
   For the sake of truth he accepted hatred and reproach for his portion.
   He ate the bitter bread of sorrow. His friends were untrue to him because he was true to himself, and true to them.
   He lost the respect of what is called society, but kept his own.
   His life is what the world calls failure and what history calls success.

  If to love your fellow men more than self is goodness,
Thomas Paine was good.
  If to be in advance of your time ? to be a pioneer in the direction of right ? is greatness,
Thomas Paine was great
  If to avow your principles and discharge your duty in the presence of death is heroic,
Thomas Paine was a hero."