Vine Street's first 360 project.

October 20 – Tuesday
At 7 p.m. Vine Street hosts the Commissioning Service for the Campus for Human Development volunteers for the new season of Room in the Inn.

October 25 – Sunday
Every family, every household that is part of the Vine Street community takes home a crafts & prayer project: a paper house design and a list of prayer starters. The prayer house will receive written prayers or small drawings over the course of the next two weeks.

We meet for lunch in the fellowship hall. Our guest and speaker is Jeff Blum, the Mental Health Coordinator for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Jeff has worked for over twenty years with men and women at the intersection where issues of homelessness, mental health, and criminal justice collide. Please sign up for this event. Childcare provided for all ages; the older children watch an age-appropriate movie that allows them to reflect on issues of homelessness.

October 27 – Tuesday
Movie Night – Dark Days (Documentary, 2000)
A filmmaker explores the lives of a community of homeless people who panhandle on the New York City streets during the day, but actually live deep in an abandoned subway tunnel.

November 1 – Sunday
This is All Saints Sunday, when we remember those in our community who have died during the past year, as well as those who have been role models of discipleship for us. During worship, we read the names of homeless men and women who have died in Nashville during the last year. 

Mary Wilder from Campus for Human Development talks about their work at 9:30 a.m. at FACE, Vine Street’s forum for adult Christian education.

Curriculum provided by the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless will be the foundation for three weeks (October 25 - November 8) of worship and study with our 3rd-6th graders. This sacred experience is an opportunity for our children to gain a greater understanding of homelessness while increasing sensitivity.

November 8 – Sunday
Erik Cole presents the 2009 Roger T. Nooe Lecture for World Peace. Erik represents District 7 on the Metro Council and chairs the Metro Homelessness Commission. He is the son of Pat and Ed, and he grew up at Vine Street. Childcare provided; please sign up if your family needs infant and toddler care. Older children watch an age-appropriate movie that allows them to reflect on issues of homelessness.

November 9 – Monday
Vine Street members and friends are invited to tour the Oasis Center at noon. Oasis Center helps young people overcome serious challenges that could easily prevent them from transitioning into a healthy adulthood, including homelessness, violence, depression and low self-esteem, and disconnection from caring adults. Please sign up for this event.

November 10 – Tuesday
Movie night – Sullivan’s Travels (Drama/Comedy, 1941)
A maker of light entertainment decides to make a “serious” film about the plight of the homeless by masquerading as one. This manages to both lampoon the inability of the middle and upper class to understand homelessness even as it cleverly sets up a surprising and profound “moral” about the connected nature of people.

November 11 – Wednesday
Vine Street members and friends are invited to tour the Oasis Center at noon. Please sign up for this event.

November 15 – Sunday
We bring our prayer houses to worship, gathering our prayers, our questions, our insights and offering them to God. The little prayer houses become a symbol of our hope: the city of God where all are at home. 

Room in the Inn: We begin hosting a group of homeless men every night until Friday. We have done this for many years, in November and February, but this season we do it with renewed commitment.

November 17 – Tuesday
We join our Room in the Inn guests to watch a movie chosen by cinematic master Jim Carls.