PhD Game Theory Seminar

The PhD Game Theory Seminar runs Monday's (10h-1050h) before the Game Theory Seminar at IHP.

All students and postdocs are invited. Feel free to contact me (thomas.rivera at hec dot edu) if you are interested in presenting your work.

For past presentations see here.

Schedule 2015/2016:

28/09/2015:     Anisse Ismaili                    "Efficiency in Multi-objective Games"

05/10/2015:    Thomas J Rivera                "Strategic Departure Congestion Games"

02/11/2015:    Joon Kwon                          "Sparse Regret Minimization"

09/11/2015:    Shabbir Ali                          "Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Networks Based on Distributed Learning in
                                                          Near-Potential Games"

23/11/2015:    Nikos Pnevmatikos             "Asymptotic Value in Frequency-Dependent Games: The Differential Approach"

30/11/2015:    Olivier Beaude                    "How Game Theory Could Contribute to Study the Interaction Between                                                              Electric Vehicles and Electrical Networks"

25/01/2016:    Saeed
Hadikhanloo            "Learning in Mean Field Games: The Fictitious Play"

01/02/2016:    Antoine Hochart                 "Ergodic Problems for Zero-Sum Stochastic Games"

The seminar for Spring 2016 was organized by Bruno Ziliotto while I was on a visiting.
You can find the past presentations for this period on his website.

    Thomas J Rivera                "Informational Robustness of Coordination Mechanisms"

21/11/2016:    Matías Pavez Signe           "Averaged Non-Expansive Maps with Errors"

28/11/2016:    Emilien Macault                  "Dynamics of Information Exchange in Endogenous Social Networks (Acemoglu,                                                                       Bimpikis, and Ozdaglar (2014))"

03/12/2016:    Saeed Hadikhanloo           "Learning in Anonymous Games, Applications in First Order Mean Field Games"

27/02/2017:    Alice Hallman                     "Robin Who? Using Indivisible Labor and Systemic Misapprehension to Solve the                                                                       Robin Hood Paradox of the Meltzer and Richard Model on Government Size"

27/03/2017:    Paulin Jacquot                   "Efficiency of Game-Theoretic Energy Consumption in the Smart Grid"

06/11/2017:    Wei Zhao                           "Optimal Bridge Players Among Separated Networks"