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fbati 0.7-0

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'fbati' is an R package licensed under the GPL that provides an implementation of the methodology proposed in the following papers:

Hoffmann, T.J., Lange, C., Vansteelandt, S., and Laird, N.M. Gene-environment interaction test for dichotomous traits in nuclear families. Accepted in Genetic Epidemiology.
Hoffmann, T.J., Lange, C., Vansteelandt, S., Raby, B.A., DeMeo, D.L., Silverman, E.K., and Laird, N.M. Parsing the effects of individual SNPs in candidate genes in families. Accepted in Human Heredity.
Hoffmann, T.J., Vansteelandt, S., Lange, C., Silverman, E.K., DeMeo, D.L, and Laird, N.M. Combining disease models to test for gene-environment interaction. Submitted.

Just to get an idea of what it does and if you might like it, take a look at the documentation (pdf) that comes with the R package, specifically the functions fbati, fbatj, fbatc, and fbatcStepStrategy if you are interested in the GUI interface or the command line interface. You can ignore any warnings from pbatR as they are not necessary for this software.

Installation instructions

First, you must have R installed. Then install the package "fbati".

News / Changes (See documentation for more details)

A changelog can be downloaded here.