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Little Labyrinths (iOS)

In Little Labyrinths, you'll help Cheddar simply by drawing a line from Cheddar to his cheese. Of course, it's never quite that easy, is it?  First, every maze in Little Labyrinths is different, so you won't be able to just memorize the right path. Second, Cheddar isn't the only one looking for something. Whether it's a grumpy crab searching for pearls at the bottom of the ocean, or an ancient dragon protecting her eggs in a magma pool, you can bet that if they know Cheddar, they'll need your help too.

"Controls are some of the slickest we’ve seen…easy to recommend.” - Modojo
“You will find yourself wanting to go back time and time again.” – iFanzine
"Gaming App of the Day" - GameTrailers

Role: Creative Lead

  • Led a team of three developers to deliver a high quality game experience in just over twelve weeks of development time
  • Developed initial concept and guided it from proof of concept to final release
  • Built internal company wiki to host design documentation and improve collaboration
  • Programmed all game systems and scripted all game elements
  • Setup data-driven system to store all game data in Excel files for faster iteration and balancing
  • Created in-game store for processing in-app purchases (IAP)
  • Collaborated with art to develop consistent and engaging art style
  • Maintained online repository of all game assets for version control
  • Created new company website from scratch and migrated it from previous host
Team Size: 3

Release Date: April 18, 2012

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FlipShip (iOS)

In FlipShip, your goal is deceptively simple: tilt your device to move towards enemies of the same color, then let your ship’s automatic firing function take care of the rest. But watch out! Destroying enemies will raise your combo, but it won’t score you points. For that you’ll need to tap the screen, “flipping” your ship into its opposite color and flipping your enemies from predators to prey. Of course, “flipping” also reduces your combo back to zero, so you’ll want to see just how long you can hang on without tapping that screen.

"Consider this one a must buy." - Gamezebo
"...dynamic, explosive, and sometimes spectacular..." - Quarter to Three
"Gaming App of the Day"
- Kotaku

Role: Creative Lead

  • Assembled a team of experienced developers to deliver ByteSize Games' first title
  • Developed company concept / pitch process and used it to develop initial game concept
  • Prototyped numerous game systems to find the core fun and reduce game scope where possible
  • Authored and maintained all design documentation
  • Programmed all game systems including the heads up display (HUD) and user interface (UI)
  • Collaborated with contract artist remotely to ensure consistent art style
  • Created and maintained online repository of all game assets for version control
  • Researched and procured middleware where necessary to accelerate development without the need for additional personnel
  • Setup process for quickly creating builds, distributing them to testers, and incorporating feedback
Team Size: 3

Release Date: September 27, 2011