Thomas Ford - Artist

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Kennedy Art Gallery

Annual 12X12 December Show - 2015

In December 2015 I presented 12 paintings depicting some of the recreational opportunities that the Sacramento area provides. These activities are also the activities that I enjoy as well.

Early Morning Ride 12" X 12"

Biographical Information

Thomas Ford’s acrylic paintings most often celebrate the California landscape and coastline.  Living in the Sacramento area, the American River dominates his collection.  Often depicted are glimpses of people participating in the recreational opportunities of the region.

I work from photographs that I have taken while hiking, bicycling, or kayaking.  Without sketching, I work from the shadows bringing the light forward.  I am most intrigued by capturing light at specific times of the day, the angle of the sun within the time of the year, and the condition of the weather.

I hope that you enjoy the paintings I have done.  If you are interested in viewing the originals, or would like more information on my paintings, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

I'd love to get your feedback.  Please email me at:      or 

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