Short Notes on Acute Mountain Sickness:

Mountain Sickness can be deadly, if we don't care about them. There are various reasons of AMS. However, it is seems that excessive exertion at high altitute like carrying heavy pack and rapid ascending may predispose some people to altitue illness.

Acclimatization is needed to adjust your body in hight altitue places.Drinking plenty of purified water, not to ascend more than 300 meters per day of ascent above 3000 meters

General Symptoms:

Headache, Extreme fatigue and loss of appetite, some people become breathless at rest.

When mild symptoms develops, you must stay at the same altitue until symptoms have gone away. Never ascend with any symptoms of AMS. If you are resting at the same altitue and your symptoms are becoming worse, then it is neccessary to descend immidiatly.

Worsen Symptoms;

Incresing tiredness, severe headache, vomitting, and loss co-ordination.

For detail Information on AMS , contact Himalayan Rescue Association

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