Graphics Window Toolkit - gwtoolkit

A GUI ToolKit For the C Programmers






gwtoolkit 1.0: 


    -  The main aim of this project is to provide a graphical interface to the C Programs.

    - This Tool kit provide you variety of GUI elements which can be greatly usefull to your Programs. 

    - It increases the interaction between the user and the program.It converts the sequential logic of the C Programs in to Event Driven Program Logic.

    - It supports almost all of the available dos based kernels.

    - This toolkit comprised of various built in elements and built in functions for easier to code. 

    - It contains built in functions to handle  Mouse events. These tools add more interaction to your C Program.

    - Any Existing C Programs can be converted to a visual program using our toolkit.

    - All the more it is a open source project and hence any one can change the code and improve it. 


gwtoolkit 2.0:


    - This version introduces a new user interface called Human Action User Interface(HAUI) which presents an extremely new user interface and which holds relatively more advantages than  traditional biometric user interfaces such as Fingerprint User Interface (FUI) and touch screens. 

  - It provides an efficient maintenance free, contact less, low cost real time user interface that can be easily understood and adopted to any existing systems.