ZEUS Thiyagu's Linux

A Linux For Newbies


What is ZEUStlx?

    It is simply a linux distribution that is developed for the peoples who are new to linux.

Is It difficult to learn?

    No. Because for simplicity and user convinience the ICEWM window manager has been chosen and it is used as the default window manager. 

What are all the software it provides?

    I provides a wide range of softwares that fits a common user need such as 

  • Firefox - Web Browser
  • Rox - File Manager
  • Abi Word - Fast & PowerFull Word Processor
  • Gnumeric Spread - PowerFull Spread Sheet Program
  •  Apache - HTTP Webserver
  • PHP - Web Application Toolkit
  • MySql - Database Server
  •  Many Other Usefull Tools 

We r now in progress of creating this site

please visit this page after some time to see changes