A - G

Shane Allison
Kicking and Screaming
issue 6

Geer Austin               
Shelter issue 4

Tina Barry
No Word for Enchantment
issue 13

Jason Blanco

issue 3

Lorenzo Buford
Don't Make Kisses Biographical
issue 3
Poet of Darkness issue 4

Walter Bjorkman
Aubade 2 issue 12

Eliot Cardinaux
The Bridge
issue 6

Robert Cole
Renault's Stream of Consciousness issue 12

A B Datta
In Maps
issue 6 

Michelle Dominique

Rachel C. Fletcher

Cal Freeman

         Howie Good 
THE DOWN SIDE issue 6             

Jazmine Green
Black Sharpie 
issue 6                                  

H - P

Matt Hart
Bustlin' Busted Streets
issue 3 

Rose Hunter
The Treachery of Images issue 12
Mexican Gothic issue 12
what is a pattern? issue 12

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft
The Lights Go Out; She Leaves You
 issue 12

Heba Jahama
I am only your shadow today
issue 6
the muslimah as she tiptoes around her trauma

issue 6

Ivan Jenson
Bad Boy
issue 3 

Peycho Kanev
sacred wind
issue 6

Robert Lawrence
The Belt issue 12

Robert McDonald
The Spider in Winter issue 12
The Fifteen Most Frequently Asked Questions   
 About Spiders issue 12
An Unknown Species issue 12

Krista Mitchell

Dave Moore
Five Tankas
issue 6

George Moore
The Puzzle Writers
issue 13

Micah Muldowney       
Raspberry Bushes
issue 4

Sergio Ortiz
Good Morning Gulliver issue 6

Q - Z

Sam Rasnake
Urge for Going
issue 6
Lay Down Your Weary Tune
issue 6

Rosemary Royston
Mistakes issue 12

Robert Salley
1987, What I Wanted issue 12

Emily Severance
issue 13

Barry Spacks

 "What Must Be Abandoned"  issue 12  

Liza Sparks
Uprooting issue 2   

Agnes T.
Ode to An Orchid issue 3

Birch Taylor               
Farmer's Market issue 4

Adin Vaewsorn                   
issue 3

Tana Velen
What's Between issue 1  

Mariele A. Ventrice    
The Rain Was Meant to Fall in Salamanca issue 4
Life Cycle of a Morning Glory issue 4

Helen Vitoria
History of My Body issue 12

Donna Vorreyer
Jean Louise Finch Confesses
issue 13
Other People's Children issue 13

Sarah Brown Weitzman
Other Women
The Writing Instructor

Bill Wolak
The Nakedness Defense
issue 13

Nicholas Y.B. Wong
The God Box
issue 5
Kiss a Door issue 5
Skydive issue 5
What Would You Do When You Say You Love
issue 5
Walker issue 5
Madness at Castle Peak issue 5
One of Many Nights issue 5
Talking About the Dead issue 5
Faces issue 5
Chakras issue 5

Andrea Wyatt
issue 6

Ami Xherro
It's only 11 issue 4

Bill Yarrow
The Empty Bed
issue 6
The Grave of Rimbaud
issue 6