Audition Notice for Pirates of Penzance 

The Thistle Rose Players announce auditions for Gilbert & Sullivan's comic operetta The Pirates of Penzance to be performed June 21, 22, and 23.

Audition Dates, Times, and Location

April 24th and 25th; 7 PM; Trinity in the Woods 26880 La Muera St. Farmington Hills, 48334

Optional Workshop Dates, Times and Location:

April 17th (movement) and 19th (vocal); 7 PM – 10 PM; Trinity in the Woods 26880 La Muera St.  Farmington Hills, 48334

Familiarize yourself with the music, acting and movement styles in preparation for auditions.  Also open to Pit Chorus to work ahead on the music.  Workshops are not required in order to be cast.

Cast Age Requirements:

Aged 13 and up


Call Back Date, Time and Location:

April 30th; 7 PM; Trinity in the Woods 26880 La Muera St. Farmington Hills, 48334


Performance Dates, Times and Location:

·        June 21st, 8:00 PM

·        June 22nd, 8:00 PM

·        June 23rd, 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM

North Congregational Church 36520 Twelve Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48331


Mandatory Dates:

·        June 9th 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

·        June 16th 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

·        June 18th 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

·        June 19th 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Rehearsals will begin Tuesday, May 1st and will run generally every Sunday (2:30 PM – 5:30 PM at Trinity), Tuesday and Thursday (7:00 PM – 10:00 PM at Trinity).

Please be prepared to list your conflicts at auditions.

For this audition, prepare the selected musical cuts; a 90 second monologue of your choice; and dress appropriately for a movement element of the audition. 

Some of the main character roles will be double cast between the Young Artists (aged 13 – Senior, HS) and the Adult Players (aged 18 and up).  Two performances will feature the Young Artist Lead Characters (Thursday evening and Saturday matinee) and two performances will feature the Adult Players Lead Characters (Friday and Saturday evening).  All cast members will participate in every performance.  Further vision of the show will be shared by the Director and Production Team at the first rehearsal.

There is a $25 fee for all participants, due on the first rehearsal date.  This includes your Show Shirt.


Cast List, Vocal Ranges and Description:

Major-General Stanley (Comic Baritone - Bb2 – F4; Stage Age 50+): A one star-general in the British Army, Major-General Stanley is Mabel’s father and the protector of many daughters/wards. He must be vivid, with warmth and good humor and be quirky, but believable.  Excellent diction and articulation a must.  Well spoken, “terribly terribly” upper class English accent a plus.


The Pirate King (Bass/Baritone - F#2 – D#4; Stage Age 30+): A largely unsuccessful commander, the pirate king, although a flamboyant braggart, is too tender-hearted to do what pirates are supposed to do.  He needs to be athletic and a good mover for some dance sequences.  Good comic timing is needed.  Well-spoken, precise English accent a plus.


Samuel (Baritone - Eb2 – F4; Stage Age Open): The pirate king's right hand man.  Good comedic timing.  Accent is open.


Frederic (Tenor - D3 – Bb4; Stage Age 21): A pirate trainee, Frederic was apprenticed to the pirates by mistake. He is a noble young man who falls in love with Mabel but puts his sense of duty above everything else, including love.  Needs to be a good mover for some dance sequences.  Young, genuine and innocent.  Well-spoken, precise English accent a plus.


Sergeant of Police (Bass - F2 – E4; Stage Age 30+): The leader of a bumbling squad of scaredy-cat policemen, the good-natured sergeant of police is committed to stopping the pirates.  Good comedic timing.  Common British accent and dance experience a plus.


Mabel (Soprano - D4 – Db6; Stage Age Under 20): Major-General Stanley's youngest ward, quickly falls in love with Frederic.  She is sweet and innocent but still needs good comedic timing.  Well spoken, precise English accent and dance experience a plus.

Edith (Soprano/Mezzo - Ab3 – G5; Stage Age Open):  Another of Major-General Stanley’s daughters/wards.  Precise English accent and dance experience a plus.


Kate (Mezzo - Ab3 – E5; Stage Age Open): Another of Major-General Stanley’s daughters/wards.  Precise English accent and dance experience a plus.


Ruth (Contralto - G3 – F#5; Stage Age 47+): A pirate maid-of-all-work and Frederic’s nursery maid, Ruth mistakenly bound Frederic to a pirate instead of a pilot. She is in love with Frederic and feels betrayed when he falls in love with Mabel.  Good comedic timing.  Accent Open (Cockney, Cornish, Scottish, Irish…let us see what you can do!)


A Chorus of Pirates (Stage Ages Open):  An assorted band of a boisterous, often badly behaved men and women with apparent disregard for convention; mavericks.


A Chorus of Police (Stage Ages Open): A chorus of scaredy-cat, bumbling men and women committed to their Sergeant and stopping the Pirates.


A Chorus of General Stanley’s Daughters/Wards (Stage Ages Open):  A chorus of Mabel’s sisters, all with distinct personalities.


Lead roles may be understudied by age appropriate actors. 


A Pit Chorus of singers will also be included in this show.  Pit Chorus will not be on stage, will be able to use music and will be seated with the Pit Orchestra.