Afternoon Enrichment Program

Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Skills

        MON - FRI  12:00 - 3:00 / 12:00 - 5:30

The Thistlegarten afternoon enrichment program embraces a
very concentrated and individualized approach to each child.
Pre-Kindergarten readiness skills are also included as well 
as tutoring.

The afternoon schedule begins with a fun "lunch bunch" and 
is followed by free play, then circle time, cognitive work, physical
exercise, and the special projects for the day. Each day has a
specific focus in the afternoon. 

Monday  (Advanced Art)
Tuesday  (Cooking)
Wednesday (Drama)
Thursday  (Music & Science).  
Friday  (Movement / Yoga / Sports)

These art, science, cooking, and daily creative projects are adored
by the students.

A Thistlegarten afternoon is a wonderful opportunity to practice
social, cognitive, and creative skills in a fun, stimulating, and
friendly environment.  Come join us!

The best way to appreciate Thistlegarten is to come in with your 
child for a visit.
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