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Morning Creative Program

                                                  MON - FRI  8:30 - 12:00 / 8:30 - 1:00

        The Thistlegarten experience provides a safe, cherishing
        environment where children have fun and learn.  Thistlegarten
        children leave our school happy, healthy, and with great
        base knowledge and cognitive skills.  They also graduate
        knowing that school is a great place and are excited
        about Kindergarten.

        The morning creative program at Thistlegarten is for
        children ages 18 mos. to 5 +.  It is a warm and fun blend of open play,
        circle time, and group activities in the cognitive skills.  The cooperative              
        environment encourages empathy and appreciation of all.  Six or more 
        different languages are explored with song, sign language is
        taught, various cultures are celebrated, and laughter abounds.
        Our teachers take great delight in creating unique activities
        for the children, and every child is encouraged to participate.

The Thistlegarten philosophy embraces much free choice, 
        alternating with structured times and cognitive discoveries.  
        Children learn self control as they sit together and explore projects as  
        a group or as individuals.  The Thistlegarten family is warm and comfortable.
        Your child will love it.


        Thistlegarten has a uniquely small teacher-to-child ratio.  
        We spend as much time and energy with our children
        during play time as we do during structured time.

        The best way to appreciate Thistlegarten is to come in
        with your child for a visit.  You are always welcome.  Contact us