In today's competitive environment, it's hard to find the right place for your child to learn.
Meet Thistlegarten!

* We approach academics with creativity in movement, music, art, dramatics, and science

* We enable and interest a child to grow and learn

* We give as much attention to a child's developing personality and social skills

  as we do to other learning

* We're personal, warm, and focused on your child

* We're great fun

* We love your child, and Thistlegarten children love school

Isn't that what a first experience should be all about?

Thistlegarten is a small, unique program that offers a morning enrichment experience and an afternoon educational enrichment program, Monday through Friday.  The programs are mixed age, from 2 to 5+, and incorporate experiences in movement, music, art, drama, cooking, sports, science, and tutoring.

At Thistlegarten, our "graduates" come back to visit, sometimes for years.  They talk about how much they loved being at our school. And they show us through their happiness and achievements that they have a solid cognitive and developmental basis for the rest of their school years.

Morning Creative Program                  Afternoon Enrichment Program    
        Monday - Friday                      Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Skills
                        8:30 - 12:00 / 8:30 - 1:00                            Monday - Friday
                                                                12 - 3 / 12 - 5:30