This is a developing history of Godfrey-Lee Public Schools and the surrounding Galewood, Urbandale and Burlingame areas of Wyoming, Michigan. The table of contents on the left will take you to expanding works in each area along with a growing collection of photographs. Not all of the chapters have contents at this point and many of the chapters include sub-headings at the bottom of the chapter page.

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All entries written or compiled by David Britten, current Superintendent of Schools. The primary basis for school-related information comes from A History of Godfrey-Lee Public Schools 1857-1967 by Superintendent Lloyd C. Fry, a follow-on history through 1988 written by former school board member Marshall Norden, various school board records dating back to 1894, PTA records back to the 1920's, high school yearbooks, the Ariel student newspaper from various eras, Wyoming historical archives, local newspapers, and scrapbooks donated by alumni. Historical accounts of the community come from a variety of sources and will be cited whenever it's possible to identify the original sources. 

Contributors to this project are welcome and will be noted in the final edition of this site and print history. Please send written accounts or artifacts to David Britten, 6691 College Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, or by email to

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