2017 Dino Drac FunPack: July

Its high summer, lunies.  Time for mugicha, mosquito coils and lying around the kotastu whining about the heat.  My house only has a window ac in the living room.  Believe me, when I'm not working, I'm sprawled on the kotatsu or our snorlax beanbag chair and dying.

This month's funpack has some great things to beat the heat, or at least look forward to the mail.

Onna off-topic note, doesn't that pterodactyl sticker look like the SS Enterprise from a sidelong glance?  Man the heat is killing me. @_@

Between Utz and Herr's, my craving have become sometimes more difficult, since my store doesn't always carry either of those brands.  When its MAIL TIME the middle of the month, I'm always looking forward to the snackies Matt sends our way.  These were an interesting treat, but nothing compared to last month's Utz crab chips. :9  Still I never say no to cheese puffies.  And hey!  They're gluten free, if that's your speed.  Its not mine.  Gluten and I are like spit n blood brothers.  you know, the kinda friend who makes you spit in your hand before shaking.  No one ever argues its the healthiest relationship, but sometimes you need a little danger every now and again.

Meet my new friends, Squishy and Stretchy, or rather a squishable shark that makes its throat/ball of blood pop out its mouth.  

Not even Matt knows why it does this, but he's right: it sure is a lot of fun playing with it.  And teasing the puppy.

I'm surprised Luna hasn't popped the thing yet >>.

Stretchy here is the official Fruit Roll Up spokessnack-mascot.  He bends and stretches a little, but more importantly, understand this represents a time when all your snacks had friendly mascots to get you to eat gobs of their chosen snack.  I miss those days when marketing was allowed to appeal to the cartoon node in a child's brain to sell unhealthy snacks.  Curse these health conscious board of directors or whatever.  Let kids eat sugar and drink even more sugar.  You're only 8 once.

This pack of toys contains some magnets and a coin of some sort for an app.  I assume.  I just looked at it like a low rent Garbage Pail Kids kinda thing, and wonder if I can use this heavy coin for another slammer for my pog collection.  

There's also a lil rubbery monster I've dubbed Ivan for no other reason other than I can.  Ivan hangs out with my halloween decorations right now.  His time to shine is coming soon.  Very soon.

I'm not personally a fan of the whole gross things made to appeal to kids angle, but I do admit they're not overly gross.  The magnets are a smidge weaker than I though and can't hold more than maybe 2 pieces of paper or 3 dollar bills for the next lotto ticket.  The art's pretty hilarious.  

This month's specimen is a GEN-U-INE piece of Gremlins cereal back in the 80s.  Shaped like mini Gizmos, they're not a bad Ralston movie cash grab product.  I'm really impressed with the shape of it.  If I could, I'd prolly make a necklace out of it, but since I have eleventy billion necklaces already, I prolly don't need old stale cereal around my neck.  People already think I'm weird.  I wear my sunglasses at night so I can keep track of the visions in my eyes.


An assortment of cards, including a pack of Superman 3 cards and a pack for Last Action Hero.  There's an assortment for He-Man, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and TMNT.  

I have to say my favorite one is the card depicting Arnold as Hamlet in a 80s action version of the play.  "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and Hamlet is taking out the trash!"

Seriously.  Best version of Hamlet ever.

Its Dino Drac's 3 year anniversary for the funpacks, so appropriately the poster has a cake and a thank you.  I love the cute mini-posters, and the sticker really evokes the summer theme.  Happy birthday funpacks!!

The crayon rendering really makes me want to bust out the crayons.  I don't have any coloring books but who's to say I can't make my own.  I;ve always wanted to have a DD coloring book. (HINT HINT, MATT :3)

Remind me to post pics of where I keep the posters, stickers and cards.  I've already filled one 3 inch binder with the first 2 years. @_@  Its like school but better and with more He-Man and Ghostbusters.  Its really fun to decorate the books with the neat things I've gotten over the years.

Though if I had trapper keepers, you can bet your sweet bippy I'd be keeping everything in there.  :3

I like the fact he mentions we have enough stuff to spend the evening "on the couch.  Or floor.  Or wherever the heck you dissect these boxes."

I do couch, floor, table, so I'm multitasking now.  8D

The art challenge this month is to take a summer item and turn it into a monster.  A beach ball walking bomb seemed fun but I'm going for something a lil more....uh, well I guess its the same, since they're both plastic and full of air and aren't blow up dolls, you naughty naughty reader.

I ended up drawing a little dragon with ice cream and watermelon motifs, and palm tree wings (with little coconuts!).  I took inspiration from the pokemon Floette and added a flower.  Its pretty cute all things considered.  I rather like it.

I did like the essay on the mail.  Myself its been a bit since I've done postcards, but I do miss having mail like letters or postcards.  Packages are one thing, but of all the packages I would be ordering in any given month, DD's funpacks are the best.  I never know what's going to be in them (I usually don't read the articles because I like being surprised), so looking forward to what snackies, or drinks or even what the specimen is going to be is the best part of the month.  I can't wait for the halloween season (which of course starts in August for DD :3).

See you in the August pack!

--Dio (7/31/17 lol)